12th December 2021 Another week-end away.

Goodaye all. Been a flooding type of a week, I had to detour a few times, but got to where I wanted, but then have ended up stuck away. It could have been worse, unable to unload in Mackay from late Friday night till Monday morning, but being forever the optimist, I managed to get loaded late Friday afternoon, then for fun, texted the bloke in Mackay to see if he was working Saturday, normally very unlikely.

He replied late Friday night, saying maybe, when I was winding down and looking for somewhere to park up, not many spots coming in from Clermont till you get to Nebo and it was full, so then had to fire up and hook in to get to Mackay for my break and a well needed shower, even got the last spot at Paget!

So up Saturday morning and round to unload and reload, even got to the mine early enough to unload Saturday afternoon texting the boss, unloaded and this is my plan. He texted back, have to reload and texted, all-ready done that and then another load back, even he was impressed. So then rang my wife’s sister and asked could I visit (and would she make me some cookies). Last visit she said hers were the best I would eat and it was only fair to give her the chance to prove she was right.

In late Saturday night, caught up on paperwork and diary and picked up for an omelette for breakfast, able to catch up on emails and this stuff etc, lunch and dinner to come and drive down to somewhere near Bundy tonight to load tomorrow and see what my chances are of getting home from Brissie.

Whilst covid did not stop us (but made life so much harder for many of us as well as all others) and some Australians finally recognised they do need trucks, the adblue issue has the capacity to do so. How we get to the point of this from a government, industry and supplier perspective, is beyond me. Is it simply that as an additive, no one considered what would happen without it? The Chinese might not even need to invade, with no trucks, Australia will not just suffer, but will collapse and they will be able to walk in and take over.

Either we need to sort the supply problem in real short time, seemingly beyond possibility, or we need to allow trucks to remove the need for adblue, (how that will work and if effective for all are other major issues) and with a recent major campaign against engine remapping, that won’t be the end of the world, but unless we sort the material and fix the problem, the future looks very interesting.

So not to be further rude, lunch calls and a shower and some washing and a chat, so will be back again next week. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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