Altona Truck and Trade Show 18th March 2018.

Goodaye all. We both attended the above show, a completely new event for drivers and industry suppliers held at the baseball club at Melton. Organised by Chris Smith (from Australian Custom Trucks) but trying something a bit different with his willing and enthusiastic team, too many to name here and many I could not give all their details. I am sure Chris will have the requisite thanks up for his team on his show page. Good to see industry people having a go at something new.

Stephen from Whiteline TV came down from Sydney and we did six interviews and will have a special edition of “TRUCK That” up within days of the show. NHVR, Natroad, Transport Women and both Yogi and Steve Grahame from Outback Truckers all spoke with us and there were some nice trucks in attendance, including some KLOS Custom Trucks and many other individuals, including a couple of nice Peterbilts.

I got on site early Friday while Stephen drove down having finished his trip that morning and this was a trade day with trucks arriving and trade stalls setting up. Friday night was snacks and a few drinks, (thanks to the sponsors who made this possible) and Saturday more trucks arrived including the new Prostar race car transporter and many others. The public came in from 10AM and milled about through the trucks and stalls. The Mack Muster may have drawn some Bulldog tragics away and I saw a few on the road on my way home Sunday and from a couple I spoke with, hear it was a good turnout there as well.

Outside of our filming for TRUCK That, I spoke with many drivers and also those in the trade stalls and made some good contacts and perhaps even some supporters, for the next TIV. A good day, many asking about the drivers club and I did a presentation on stage detailing the intent. Yogi and Steve from Outback Truckers also did a talk about the show and the music was good and the band on Saturday night even better.

I left before the brekky got underway this morning, as the rain was coming and I also had to go back to work to unload and reload due to a change of plan, but that is trucking.

It takes time to get anything started and running and with a few more trucks and more public, I think it will grow to become a regular event. I thank Chris for the invite and congratulate him and his team for this first up effort.

I found out the pins in the one trailer wheel we had to reline two weeks ago, was the thing that wore out first. I was hoping I would get the trailers to 2 million k with the original brake linings, but this one had stepped out a bit and wore the lining on one side, though there was still meat on the shoes, once the pins start to wear, you may as well do the linings. Still 11 sets to go and they should all reach 2 million. I must say a very good testament to BPW suspensions and the Groeneveld auto greasers, both considering I reckon the Newell is at least twice as bad as the Hume, if not more so.

We have the name registered for the “TRUCK That Australia Drivers Club” and an ABN and now just have to complete the bank account and we will be up and running. Yogi said he is one million percent behind the club in his interview. We are also looking for a co-host for TRUCK That, to spread the load and give another view, so if you are keen and enthusiastic about the road transport industry and want to help with your time and knowledge, send an email to telling us what you can bring to the show. We would welcome your comments and your helping get us some more viewers and subscribers to keep the ball rolling. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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