7th November 2021 Truckstops, roads and rest areas.

Goodaye all, finally made it home yesterday, two weeks living in the truck nothing to those who do Perth etc or as in the USA, go away for months at a time, but they either have a house for a sleeper, or far better truckstops and facilities than we mostly do! Now a couple of blokes had a go at me for stopping in the roadhouse parking area. Seems I can’t win. Yes I had to have a 24 hour break, so where can you do your washing, get food and have a toilet and shower available. Many want such things when on a break, why can’t I?

Whilst I was there on a Saturday/Sunday, I never saw trucks have to leave because there was nowhere to park, but it was chockers when I went back Tuesday night to fuel, on my way out again. It has been an interesting week, lousy roads up that way, both the highways and into mine sites, some good rest areas, some useless and some big spaces between either.

Had to do a changeover at Moree Thursday night, been in Qld for nearly ten days and two hours into NSW and back, only stepped foot in the parking bay and spoke with one driver, but had to wait at the border for my test result to get back into Qld. Seems Victoria do not require any tests now, but a different pass, so we will see what Qld end up doing. Again, why seven sets of rules?

One thing I have noticed is a proliferation of STOPPING Bays, yet most of them are useless and of course, the authorities will say, we have provided them for you, so why whinge. It is like parking bays, it is all well and good to build something so they can say they have, it is another to actually get what you need and the third part is value for money. No matter what it has cost, whose idea, plan or scheme it is, if it does not provide for those it is intended to serve, then it is at the least a waste of money and at the worst, a completely missed opportunity.

Many months ago during a phone call to one of the serious government agencies who look into roads and their uses, I raised this issue. Do we have national guideline s for Stopping Bays, is it legal to sleep in them, who designs them and what are they actually intended to do and or provide? I was told there would have to be a study, but why? Why can’t someone simply see what is currently being done and propose a national set of standards, design principles and guidelines? Who are they for, what do they intend to provide and then why are there ten in a row (one place I saw, the next was within sight of the last, what a ridiculous waste of money) then nothing for hundreds of kilometres!

This is why we need a national rest area strategy. Why then will none of the other industry associations support this as part of the NRFA 6 point plan? Natroad have come out saying there should be money for rest areas, absolutely, but where, what style etc? Will any of the Natroad board ever sleep in one, I doubt it, so how will they use this money if it ever gets allocated. Will we again see stuff done with good intent and lousy delivery? I am very frustrated with roads and rest areas, the money spent badly, the money not spent at all and yet we are not only expected to manage our fatigue and comply, we are severely punished if we don’t. How can you win? When you have the answer, let me know. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


31st October 2021 A week-end in Mackay.

Goodaye all, here I am in Mackay, unloading tomorrow morning. The new (2 years old) BP truckstop still has “TRUCKERS” signs, so back to them to ask again ”WHY”, can’t you at least use our own terminology. We are “TRUCKIES”. Now of course we all would like more room to park and there are only 5 marked b-double spaces here, one single if you park on the line, a couple for coaches and 4 to 6 for caravans depending on their size and how they park.

So over $1000 worth of fuel in on arrival, I slept here amongst the Icepacks with my Viesea on for a bit and then off so it would not flatten the battery, a reasonable nights sleep I suppose. At one stage there were 11 trucks parked up, of course in the coach and van bays as well, no coach turned up and only one van to park that I have seen.

Now I have had discussions with BP and others over the years and we would all love more parking, for trucks everywhere. I do fear we are going backwards in some ways, but we must keep trying to be heard, but be reasonable as well. But with such sites, on a major highway, how can any council approve a major truck facility with 5 or 6 parking spaces. They want to sell meals and the facilities, showers, lounge, laundry and all are welcome and a part of such a complex, but you can’t do any of that in five minutes and the trucks keep rolling through.

The kitchen did close late in the evening, though there was hot food still available and the site is 24 hours. Yes they have to pay for the land, the upkeep etc, but so many sites from Melbourne to Brisbane where a commercial fuel site has been built and they must comply with all the council requirements, how many car park spaces, how many toilets etc, but why do they not require more truck spaces. We buy the fuel and food, we even deliver it all as well, yet they allow 5 parking spaces on a highway with hundreds of trucks a day, why?

I dawdled up yesterday, stopping at a few green reflector bays and must say the bays on the Bruce from Rocky north and from Banana up (though the road house was closed, don’t know what is happening there?) seem to be far better signed and more frequent. There are some big legs from Taroom north with little shoulders, few stopping spots, but some good stockpile sites that we could easily and safely use. The states seem keen to keep us out of them in the most, a few have been marked previously, but the way they are set out, have good shade and room and are often only used for three months every few years, still leads me to ask why we can’t use them more?

This does lead to one issue, the rubbish along the side of the road. While walking up and down the road to confirm line of site and suitability as a green reflector bay etc!!, it is impossible to ignore the rubbish. Do you all keep your rubbish in your truck till you stop or use a bin? I have a small rubbish bin and empty it when I fuel or stop overnight using the bins provided. What do you do? Lazy motorists that simply eat or drink and then throw out the rubbish, are destroying our roadsides with rubbish and then of course, when it rains it is carried off or the mowers come along and chop it up. I must say, I will be also contacting road authorities re the old guideposts simply thrown or left on the road side. Are you doing your bit, or do you throw out rubbish. You may well think it not important, but get out and have a look or walk along the road and you must agree, it is not hard to keep it and dispose of it in a better way for all.

Well time to finish this and go and pull the toolbox apart and have a clean out. I need a milk crate or container for straps etc, will see what I can find when I get it all out, then maybe lunch, audiobook reviews and chase up the next TIV bit s and pieces. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


24th October 2021 Roads and Associations again.

Goodaye all, nearly the same week as last, Dubbo, Melbourne, Dubbo, Newcastle, Emerald, Rockhampton and back to Dubbo, just on 5000k for the week. I rang TMR and reported a culvert that felt like a 6 inch drop, one bridge with both abutments dropped both north of Springsure and rang RMS to ask about lost truck bays in the Singleton to Belford road improvement. We are losing the formal one at the Golden Highway intersection, which was badly designed and not much use and then the informal bit before the camera, which will now be the new road.

The lady who rang me back from RMS told me the ones on the Hunter Bypass where built with these losses in mind and I explained there are still not enough bays and the westbound one had all the trees blown down and left to die after the money had been spent to buy them. She said she would put my views forward and I thanked her.

Now getting roads fixed is a big job and I don’t travel them all, where some of you travel the same roads every night, so you know where the problem bits are, but have you ever reported any of them? I do not expect any driver to ring every time they see a bump, that would be a waste of everyone’s time, but if within NRFA we could have three or four blokes for each highway and they kept in touch and each week reported the worst bump or issue for that road, then the authorities might act. I have had hundreds of bumps, dips and road failures repaired and or at least, improved and the authorities do not travel every road every day, nor do they ever do it in loaded trucks, so they simply may not even know of the issue.

I have asked for drivers to join an association, I don’t even mind which one you join, but with so many drivers and so few in associations, all struggle to get a voice and to have that voice heard. But with enough members, that might change. All also struggle with having a few do all the work, but if we had small groups with one focus, for example a particular highway and they could focus on that but still have the support of an association, then perhaps we could achieve more, have safer roads for all and not expect the few or just me, to fix every bump and pothole in Australia.

So if you want your highway fixed, join the NRFA now, become part of the group for your highway and all you will have to do is work with two or three others once or twice a week, keep a record of what you agree to be the biggest problem and how and when you report it, either separately which would be preferable, the more complaints the more likely they are too act, the more we might get done.

Now I should not have to tell you, if you ring and abuse or are rude to the person taking the complaint (and yes we are all frustrated they don’t build, maintain and fix them all better, this is why we are asking for a NATIONAL HIGHWAY STANDARD) then the time and effort will be wasted, they will think all truckies are idiots and nothing will change. But if you ring and explain you travel this road each night and you believe this to be a road safety hazard and are reporting it to make the roads safer, then who knows, we might get much more done. Be genuine, don’t ring about a divet the size of your thumb, report serious flaws and failures.

There is a “duty of care” for all road authorities, if something is reported and they fail to act, they can be held liable. Yes, they have an out if they don’t know, “How can we know of every bump of failure” will be what they say and fair enough, some of them have very large networks to cover and can’t cover every kilometre each month, let alone each week, hence also the need to keep a record.

Yes you can do this on your own, but how many of you do now, if more did, then we may not need to organise this plan, but if you and a few others can agree on the worst bit that week and all report it, then the authorities will have to act. That is why we must keep some sort of record. Now Vicroads will give you a reference number and so it can’t be simply “lost” or forgotten, I have spoken to them and had them go back months to when it was last reported and then can say, “Why has this not been actioned?” It is our lives and our safety and if you want to do it alone, please do, but I would like to try this way and see what we can do, so come on, join the NRFA.

But if you want to join the QTA, VTA, SARTA Natroad or any of the others because you think they will do more for you, please do and then ask them to support our NRFA 6 point plan. If you haven’t seen it yet, then check our Facebook or web page and let us know what you think? Do you agree with the points, will you help us achieve them? Who else will do it if we don’t and we can’t do it alone, let alone with only a few hundred members?

And now the video. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


17th October 2021. Back on the road week 2.

Goodaye all, it has been a busy week and this will be short as I am now trying to catch up and get ready to hit the road again. Living in a truck is not just taking your logbook and off you go. You need clothes and food and tools and every time, particularly when you only plan to be in it for a short time, say a few weeks, you get what you think is all you need, there is always something else you “might need”. Then you can’t do it all in one hit unless you make a list and some jobs need more stuff again.

But that is life on the road. I even had to supply a curtain as the last driver either removed them or didn’t need them as it was used locally in Sydney for a while. But if you have to sleep in it, you can’t even get changed, let alone sleep in the lights during the day, or depending where you sleep, the lights from other vehicles. Just another issue to deal with.

I left without audiobooks to keep me occupied, then found my library membership had expired and had to ring and sort that and now find the stereo the truck in the day, is not the best for audiobooks, Ok for music but I prefer windows open rather than aircon, so more to sort to be happy and comfortable in my new interim home.

I have not taken my frig, simply another heavy thing to fit and deal with, so have been living on stuff that does not need refrigeration and it is not as easy. For the first time I have tried Beef Jerky, a friend gave me some and where I used to eat lollies and chocolate, not all day of course, but when you need that pick me up, I have tried the Nile River Mild Chilly and Heated Garlic and they do lift your taste buds and your spirit. My old favourite anzac biscuits and Coles Raisin and Oat cookies have kept me fed, but I look forward to simply having more options when you have a frig.

Thanks to those who have made the effort to join an association and I did get a reply from a couple of people in associations and have asked them to push our 6 point plan. There will be a 7th point dealing with loading delays etc and specifically DCs, but that will follow on from our survey. We need some input to have some data to show an issue and will then formulate a plan to try and address it. Yes it is yet another of the twenty year problems and if you can fix it tomorrow, we will all be thankful, but if you can’t then make the effort to help us try. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.  


10th October 2021 Back on the road again and a request.

Goodaye all, back on the road again. Whilst off, I became enamoured of the “Assassins Apprentice” series of books by Robin Hobb. I had read all the “Rangers Apprentice” and “Brotherband” series by Australian author John Flanagan and recommend them for kids and adults. So into book 5 “The Golden Fool” and took it and was barely able to keep up with my diary and so did not even get to read a word. So much for a gentle return.

Now if I was to detail the issues, all of you who drive trucks would say, just a usual week, but others may not be aware of the life we lead, so they can have food, fuel and clothes etc. I was obviously dreaming when I had hoped to have the truck and trailers I was to drive (till the new truck finally gets here) in the yard early so I could go over them and give them a tidy up if needed. In the end I had to go to Sydney to pick up the truck, that then involved some issues before I even started it up. Then there was the other truck which had left before me and he had a problem, with more that just mechanical issues, some of understanding and language as well.

So, “Rod will you please go out and see what the problem is and report please”? on my way back to Dubbo. It turned out to be the gearbox, but was not immediately obvious and we ended up having to drop one trailer, bring the truck back down the (big) hill and then tow the other truck up to the top, go back and hook up and go to Dubbo.

Seeing us in the dark (I had triangles out) and had just given me new shoulder a good workout winding down the legs and had unhooked the hoses and lights to tow the broken down one to the top, I saw some blue and red lights behind us. I went back to explain and was asked why were we in the dark and where was my mask? So I explained and thought, they might stay with their lights on while we moved at least one bit, but no, “Don’t be long” and they were gone. I was perhaps a bit jabbery, but was trying to get it done as we were only inches off the road and not in the best spot.

Then I had a plan to have all day Monday to get my gear together, get a few things tidied up on the truck and trailers Tuesday morning (due to the NSW public holiday), but got a text apologising for interrupting me, but could I call. One of the drivers wife had been taken to hospital and I may be needed tomorrow, could I help? She may be OK, but will know in the morning. Yes I can go if needed, Thanks.

Nine AM Sunday, you’re up. I had a timeslot to load, got most of my gear and by ten was on my way got my next covid test, did shopping, gear in and on the way to break down half way there. Mechanic came out, sorted, rang the loading point again to say I was now on the way and when I got there, they said “You will get a good nights sleep in here, we will even turn the lights off”. I was the last truck to load Sunday and whilst they were not impressed, they were fans and like many during the week wanted to know what I had done wrong, was I being punished, where was the TIV etc?

That was the start of the week and it never got much better. You all know how things change and no one else customers etc, care about your time as much as you do. I had to deliver another driver to pick up a truck and he did not want to sit in the passenger seat while I slept, as I had to do a delivery first (geez Peter, I am not that bad company am I) so we compromised and I had tea and a shower and went back to the truck to sleep, leaving early the next morning and that threw me out a bit later that night.

Again, it was not the week from hell, it was just a normal week nearly, but as the first week back after 6 months off and aiming to be gentle on my new shoulder, some of the steel gates have tested it, but some places did help or did so when I asked, but some like always, you do it all on your own and hurry up without even a please, let alone a thank you.

So three states, many passes, tests and highways covered, very nearly 5000k, so kept going and just 24 hours off and back into it tomorrow. Lucky I love this job! Still so much to do, the Newell hasn’t got much better overall, we lost 20 unmarked informal truck spaces with the work towards Goondiwindi and now they have closed the southbound More pads with gates. The Pacific still needs a changeover bay somewhere, yet the new Grafton bypass looks a million dollar road, does have two big new parking bays (and I slept in one) and I only found one bad dip.

The new TIV is still coming, is painted and getting radios, a turntable, central tyre inflation and one or two more things and then off to Brissie for the balance. Maybe on the road in a month.

So now for the video. I heard the other day there are over 200,000 truck drivers in Australia, but I bet less than 10,000 are in associations. I will ask all of you for two things and want you to comment, either tell me how to do it better, or what I am doing wrong. If you join one for one year, then I want you to push them to support our 6 point plan. If you have the solution, let’s hear it. If not give this a try for one year. I don’t think it is too much to ask. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


26th September 2021 CATCHING UP.

Goodaye all. This is my catch up for my Facebook page “Audiobooks for the road”. I though I may as well put it up here as well. Being off the road has meant no need for audio books and whilst I have been reading, it is not the same, perhaps better with the time, but on the road, I miss my reading. I read all the industry press and much online from overseas, again about industry to keep in the loop and this of course takes a lot of time and leaves little time for reading for enjoyment, but my audio book page and the reviews of what I have read was enjoyed by some and has been very quiet while I was off.

Many of you as drivers will still have been on the road. If all goes to plan, I will be back on the road after next week-end in a brown Pilon’s Kenworth till the new TIV prime mover comes in about 3 or 4 weeks. They say good things come to those who wait and it has been a long and busy one.
My shoulder surgery went well, they say full bicep strength, (though they could only attach it so far up as it had shrunk) in 9 months, so December, but I can only expect perhaps 90% maximum. Full shoulder strength will take 12 months and again, perhaps even 95%. So the sleeping in a sling was the worst, but since out of that and exercises starting at half a kilo and now all done as far as can be with a clearance due next week, I thank the doctor for at this stage, a terrific job. Once back at work will see how effective the repairs.

So I have not been reading audio books (and watched very little television until even last week, too much other stuff to do. However I love my reading, and completed the Assassin’s Apprentice series by Robin Hobb and have now gone onto the Tawny Man series of three and bought all six, so then onto the next as well. I did get a good deal on the sets of three and am into book two. I finished “Fools Errand”, now 10 years plus on from the last book and am half way through “The Golden Fool”. The praise for these books form others is well justified from my viewpoint. They are engrossing, interesting and read very well.

Those of you who followed past posts will know of my appreciation of the “Rangers Apprentice” series and I must say, I have enjoyed these new ones as much if not more. It has been my practice to read (listen to) audio books on the road, but then to physically read at night, both for pleasure and as my sleep trigger. In this job the hours and where you are varies so much, it can sometimes be hard to get to sleep. So I did some investigation and reading was one suggestion to virtually set your mind into sleep time.

If I have plenty of time, then I can read and enjoy, but if I need to get my beauty sleep but have little s[pare time and can’t afford to waste or lose good sleep time, I read as my “It is time to sleep now” trigger. Sometimes I will barely read a page and be nodding off, other times it is a bit longer, but as someone who has loved reading most of my life, it works for me. So once back on the road, I will have the following books in the series to keep me going for quite awhile.

I just wanted to touch base, hope you have all kept safe and apologize for not being there for you. Those who have enjoyed the reviews and comments, I hope that will continue into the future. Hopefully, till next week plus, I wish you Safe Travelling till then. Rod Hannifey CF


15th September 2021

Goodaye all. The new TIV (prime mover at least) is real, I have even seen a photo. It has been a long time coming and I am itching to get it on the road. However, there is much more to add once it is painted, which will hopefully be completed this week. Then it has to travel and get more stuff fitted, so maybe a month from now.

I hope to be on the road next month in a fill in truck, will have a refurbed set of trailers till the new ones come next year, but so much still to do. Last week I was the only truckie (let alone the only industry person) in a phone hook-up for NSW Regional Telecommunications. I imagine many of you will agree mobile service has gone backwards recently, from no drop-outs from Brisbane to Melbourne, to now I can’t even go ten k north of Dubbo without losing signal. But I put our issues forward.

Then in a meeting with Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds. They are looking to be involved with the design and implementation of a Gold Standard truck rest area. We do have guidelines, but no government requirement to implement one spot, let alone anywhere near the number we need. The intent is worthwhile, but even if they could get some support, for example from a major fuel company to build such a site, not only is it going to be hard, it could be 18 months or more before such a site would be built. In that time, we could have a thousand green reflector bays, or some of them and some current bays expanded and or improved and maybe a few good bays under construction. We could save a life or at the least, prevent a fatigue crash.

I suggested this and have offered to give a week to audit and put up some green reflectors on the Pacific highway,  but there are of course, some minor issues with that idea. The most urgent need I see and am told, (and did put forward as well) is a changeover facility at Clybucca. The old servo is sitting there and whilst I asked, wrote, emailed and nearly begged RMS to do something as they rebuilt the road, you can see they gave that the same importance as any truck bays, none.

I have been involved in weekly meetings with DOT Victoria, again trying to get them to understand the problems, but they too are hamstrung by those above them who do make the rules etc, but who do not live on the road. We can but try.

The NRFA 6 point plan as put up last blog, has been refined slightly and sent to all pollies and others. We do hope it will gain some support and of course, I have sent it to each of the groups involved above.

In responce to my letter to the Police Commissioners of Australia, I have had a direct reply from the NT Police Commissioner. He virtually said, “We don’t have those problems here”, short and succinct and probably right.

I spoke with both the NSW Police Taskforce last week and the Qld Police Taskforce this week, each contacting me in response to the letter. In summary, both I spoke with as leaders of those groups said, they do have some empathy for us, (the Qld fellow having come from a transport family), but overall, you can’t ask them to allow tolerances against a law. That would be like saying, there is a law but don’t police it too hard. Both agree there is discretion, it should be used where the offence is minor and or non-road safety related, but they too, do not have control of even all their own officers once on the road, let alone all the other Police in their state.

Both again spoke of truckies who have made their own noose, by behaving like a pork chop to start with. The Qld gent quoted an instance where an employer had put in a complaint after a truckie was pinged. With it all video-taped and available, he did review it and found the truckie had been let off other offences and virtually, given the least damaging. More than a fair dealing for both, truckie and officer, yet the truckie did not tell the employer the truth.

I am sure many of you know of the bloke who has been pinged, in theory unfairly, yet were you there and did you get the full story? We too as truckies, have to do the right thing, the same as the Police, but neither group can guarantee, let alone confirm all others do that. So where to from here?

Both Police I spoke with say if we want change, it must be the laws that change. I did explain I am certainly following that path as well with contributions to the HVNL review and Senate inquiry, but the review is still months away from release and we all know such change will take years if it happens at all. I took part and had some specific recommendations put forward for the National Road Safety Inquiry in 2003 and even now, not one of them was actioned, so you will I hope, excuse both my cynicism and lack of patience.

I will now again, target the NHVR, seeking their support for change, their efforts in making that happen and as an interim, I again request, with the information and replies I have had from those closely involved from both sides, the only way for immediate fairness, is for any fines issued by Police under the HVNL, be reviewed by NHVR before being actioned. If any of you have a better solution, I am happy to hear it, If not I welcome your comments and support to see it happen. Till next blog, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


29th August 2021 These troubled times.

Goodaye all, what a week and the next will be very interesting. How are we supposed to keep up when not only do they move the goalposts, they move the bloody field as well. Who makes such decisions without consultation and speaking to the one group most affected, whether it is the Qld border issue, “You need a jab to come in, does it apply to truckies, were not sure we’ll get back to you, no it doesn’t” so why did you scare the life out of many, just for fun!!!

We have complained about Police interpretation of laws and look what happens, some Police decide to interpret the law, that truckstops are restaurants, so we can’t use them and when we fight back, they then close the lot, only to find, “They are wrong!!!” Who will be held accountable and I have asked Glen Sterle and his office this specific question? How can they either individually or then the whole force, go against a National decision made when this happened the first time, that we might be close to human and need a feed, shower, toilet or sit down meal, to be able to keep delivering every single thing they use???????????????????

So much for truckies general health, let alone their mental well-being on the road. We are already being treated like lepers, allowed to carry companies freight so they can make a profit, but not allowed to use their toilets. No wonder people think we want to block the roads, there is without doubt, a lot of concern, frustration and genuine pain and suffering doing the job now, let alone these groups overriding national rules that might just allow us to survive, so we can keep carrying this country.

Then this group of Facebook warriors claims we are all in “it” we are going to block the roads and overthrow the government, but did one of you hear which of our problems they plan to solve, or how, or even a whisper that will even think of us, once they rope the few in and then blame the failure on us? Everything I have seen and heard so far, say this is a group that plan to use us, not to help us at all. And yes, many people say they are behind “us”, but will this blocking the roads actually solve one of our issues, let alone fix them all? NO IT WON’T.

There was the strike affecting Toll drivers, a completely separate issue and now another group of truckies have got to the end of their tether and started another stoppage tomorrow. As above, I have not heard any solutions, but recognise the frustration.

If we could agree on six problems and provide six solutions (remember the government do not even know what the problems are, they don’t live on the road and unless they are saying we are important to show “they care”, I fear they don’t care at all), this would be my list.

  1. We are happy to do our part and be tested every 7 days, nothing less is necessary or fair on us, unless they provide numerous 24/7 testing centres in places we can all access. This must include sites where we can get vaccinations. We were left out from the essential list for so long and it will take time to catch up and trying to keep working, get tested every three days and still have to book and que weeks in advance and lose more time and pay to get vaccinated is not only unjust, but unworkable for some.
  2. We will apply for and carry a national freight permit if required, valid in every state and for a minimum period of 14 days. The states must abide by this, there will be no rule or border changes without industry consultation and without less than two weeks notice.
  3. As now, truckstops must be allowed to operate, we must have access to toilets, showers and facilities if you want us to continue carrying your needs and not get sick or tired trying to comply with multitudes of different rules each day. No facility can refuse us access to a toilet, we will happily wipe down a seat before and after use. If refused or they fail to provide us with such facilities (as they must do under law for their staff) they should be fined. How many of you do not have access to a toilet? Do you really want us to pee and poo in your garden?
  4. There must be a moratorium on non road safety related logbook fines. We are not lawless or above the law, but any fines issued by Police under the HVNL, must be reviewed by NHVR before they will be actioned. We do hope the HVNL review will affect some of these concerns, but it will not solve this for many months and we cannot continue being fined for clerical and minor time errors. The cost to the community of us fighting such onerous fines for little more than a mistake, is not only a waste of taxpayers money, it is not in any way, fair justice.
  5. We require a national road standard, the road to be accepted as our workplace, major crashes investigated and not simply the driver charged first and last. Roads and road repairs must meet that standard or be repaired to that standard within an agreed time frame.
  6. There must be a national truck rest area strategy to provide suitable and sufficient truck rest areas. This to improve our safety and that of other road users, to improve our ability to get good quality sleep as and when needed. In relation to drivers and sleep, there must be consultation on reasonable size sleeper berths. Not more freight, but better places to live and sleep in when on the road.

The above to be done with reference to a panel of road safety, road authority and truck representatives, this will include some of the trucking associations and some drivers and owner drivers and be set up immediately to provide input and fairness.

The top four items are achievable, reasonable and will provide some balance and consistency to allow us to do our job and deliver the needs of the Australian people and will cost the government no upfront cash, but will make trucking safer and fairer.

The last two can be set in motion, the roads will take time and we accept that, but it must be started and committed to and will save lives and money in the future if done properly. The last will take time, but can be done in a cheap interim way, whilst the longer term plan is set up and rolled out.

I don’t think any of this is too much to ask and if we don’t get a fair go, many will go broke and lose all and if not, there will be not only more unrest, there will be tragedies on the road caused by people trying to comply and yet stay safe, fit and capable of doing this job.

I would welcome your views. Thanks Rod.


21st August 2021, what a covid mess looks like.

Goodaye all. How many of you live in Australia? Oh sorry, that’s right, we don’t, we live in separate states, yet expect road transport, which not only carries the nation, but delivers it too, to operate with both hands tied behind their backs. Oh yes, when there is no toilet paper on the shelf, we are essential, but why can’t people see it goes so far beyond that. Then again, oh yes, we will finally after having to beg, make you essential so you might be able to get the jab, but we want you to keep working and supplying everything for us, but don’t mind if we make it as hard as possible, change the rules every couple of days, put out statements where people then get told they don’t have a job if you don’t have a jab yet, but where the hell do you find the time and place to park your b-double while you are trying to survive, do tests every three days, and keep carrying the country????????????????????????

How can anyone in government expect our respect, when they treat us as less than second class, change the rules like they change their minds and have people freaking out, because they did not think it through, did not talk to us and did not explain and or give it some thought as to how it would affect someone living in a truck, before scaring and by default blaming us, when all we have done is keep doing the bloody magnificent job we do everyday?

We know there is a virus, we are not all perfect, but human like you and we are trying. Yes there are a few who tried to get across a border, but most have not only gone out of their way to comply, they have bee vilified, told they can’t use toilets and now again, no you can’t eat or shower in a truckstop. Where the hell are we supposed to do it then and how the hell are we supposed to stay fit, healthy, not drive tired, when you keep screwing us over?

No wonder truckies are getting upset. But blocking the highways is not the answer. You will simply be bulldozed off and fined (now that’s a bit of a shock isn’t it?) just like we get fined for everything else, far too much of which has nothing whatsoever to do with road safety. NONE OF US GOES TO WORK TO HAVE A CRASH, TO TAKE A LIFE, LET ALONE ENDANGER OUR OWN AND OR OUR ABILITY TO FEEED OUR FAMILIES THAT WE SEE TOO LITTLE OF, yet that is too often how we are portrayed and treated.

I have said the same thing for many years, if we want things to change, we have to agree what the problems are, offer the government the solutions (because they don’t have a clue what the problems are to start with) and do so as a united group. If all the different sectors (and few other industries have so many groups and beyond that, we are all in trucks from one end of the country to the other, trying to do our job and deliver everything to everyone every day) so how can we meet, agree and present that solution?

I have been in some meetings, raised these issues and each of the state groups and industry associations have done what they can, but few drivers are in associations and so how can those associations truly represent the drivers on the road? And those drivers on the road, don’t have the time, the resources, the money or the ability to get together and agree either. So how do we fix it?

I would like to hear your solutions, because I am getting older and whilst I have not given up, I think we are going backwards in some ways. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.  


August/ 7th July 2021.

It seems I did not post this up, I will find an excuse later, but add it here as it is still so relevant. Cheers Rod.

Goodaye all. How can we ever get a fair go, when we can’t even get a standard border pass and or protocol for state borders now. We explained what the issue is, we can’t all carry another forest worth of permits for each state each week, nor can we comply when you change things overnight.

You know we will do our best to comply, you know we can’t afford hours and hours of delays at borders, yet what has been done to solve this, nothing? If the pollies ran out of toilet paper, maybe then we would get some action and common sense if both formulating, applying and managing such things would get them a clean bum?

Truck lanes at borders will cost nothing, will help flow and give us a chance to deliver that paper and everything else. The states all want to be different, they want to maintain their power base, we understand all that, but why would you make things that much harder to cross borders when we supposedly all live in Australia?

We have come some way to having national transport rules, some will say we still have a long way to go, but at least now we have two sets of rules, one for the east with NHVR and one for the west and north, better than 7 sets.

So then we have the issues of lack of rest areas and even with the Pacific Highway, with millions spent improving it, there was no provision for a change over facility included. We are pushed to be compliant, we struggle to get drivers due to lack of facilities etc and when we set things up so a driver can get in a loaded truck, drive to the half way point, change trucks or trailers, then drive home and have another local driver unload and reload for the next night, so the interstate driver is home in his own bed each day, we need places to change the trucks and or trailers.

We waited 30 years to get one on the Hume at Tarcutta and we needed one 15 years ago on the Pacific, but now it is all four lanes and truly, probably the one of if not the best road in Australia, there is not enough rest areas and no where set up for changeovers. How can this be so? Are we truly that less of a group of workers, that we don’t need toilets or places to sleep or comply than any other working group?

Back to the Churchill Fellowship videos. Now for those of you who enjoy watching trucks go round and round, or spinning up tyres and doing burnouts, this may be something you enjoy. It is not everyday you see prime movers towing caravans with only one intent, but it seems the Poms have a funny sense of humour.

Now I am not making any comments other than, it is a truckshow and such things seem to be enjoyed by the crowds, I had even heard of it before I visited the Convoy in the Park, so it seems they have done it before, but please do not take offence if you are a vanner. I didn’t do it! Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.