14th May 2023 Road Safety week.

Goodaye all, well my Tik Tok (under “Safe Travelling”) on the way home from Darwin has got a few views and comments, a couple complained about me parking near double lines, but I had just turned the corner and anyone who has ever pulled a train will know you have to find a spot where you can at times.

Road Safety week starts today, have you pledged to be safe, signed up or are you taking part in any way? As truckies we too often see the hazards in cars, see their failings and mistakes, none of us wants to be involved, but when you watch some of the dashcam footage, you really wonder do people simply not look, not think or not know any better? Make the effort to watch out for others and yourself and I hope you all get home safe every day.

Monday off and had I not got home yesterday evening, would still have been less than 3 days home on five weeks. Started Tuesday, got a couple of jobs done on the trailers Monday then and hope to do the same tomorrow, as now have Monday off again. Week looked like being short, but ended up, Dubbo to Brissie, back to Wee Waa, then load Moree back into Brissie, unload reload some bulk DG for Sydney Friday and looked like I was stuck there for the week-end, but they found me a load home, so with a bit of time before I had the load home, got the truck and trailers washed in Brissie.

I checked the forecast, thought yes, maybe, but took three hours to get washed with the que, then traffic on Beaudesert Road, much more and worse into the Gold Coast, then had one shower south of Tweed Heads, but still nearly clean, into Sydney, had some dramas loading a wide piece of gear without the slippers and lost another hour, took off thinking it would be Ok once I got out of the tunnel, but rain there and later and it is nearly as dirty now as it was.

I was not impressed as I had done my good deed, there was a horsefloat with a trailer and all loose stuff laying on the trailer and once past I tried to call them , but no reply, so in the end I slowed down till they caught up as the bits of steel frame could well have gone through someone’s windscreen on the bumps on the freeway from Newcastle in to Sydney. It can be frustrating putting in the time and of course the cost to wash a b-double and then it rains and worse, I had clear sunny skies and without the initial delay waiting to get it washed, could have missed the rain, but who knows.

My podcast on ERMHA, LISTEN HERE (or wherever you get your podcasts)…/12689369-life-on-the-road… was released last week, I did my spot on “Nighshift” in Dubbo for a change, but still from the truck for an early start, then made it back into Brissie for a live spot on the Paul Murray show late Thursday evening re the budget, then had a call from “The Age” re the Inland rail, so managed radio, tv and newspaper and a podcast for the week.

Now working on a list of bridge and road problems for Transport for NSW, am still waiting for their reply to my 5 pages plus an extra bit re truck rest areas and of course, a trip home on the Golden Highway made the Newell look good, but it is not of course! Hope to chase a few odd ends tomorrow and then load Tuesday with a plan to be in Brissie for the truckshow Friday or at least Saturday. Till then, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey,

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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