25th April 2023 ANZAC Day on the road.

Goodaye all, well better late than never and why will be revealed next week. But last week, three capitals and heading for a different fourth this week. Melbourne, out to Condoblin to unload (and just heard from a mate who have some electrifying fun out that way around the same time) back into Dubbo, some freight off for Moree and reload and into Brissie. After an interesting loading game, go here to load your DG, then go there to load other stuff, no there is no DG here, I was told by your bloke to come here, no, there is no DG here for you, they have now all gone home and you will not be getting it!

Make a phone call, get customer involved, I was there on time, did as I was told and now, no. Then ah well yes, it was the supervisor and yes the paperwork is here for your DG, but the product is back where you came from and you will have to go back there to get it after we load here, OK thanks. Then we start to load and another order is wrong, my paperwork is right, but someone transcribed it wrong and it is then wrongly picked, then I have brought the right paperwork, it is your mess up, I have a long way to go and a customer who is expecting this freight and an hour later we have sorted that and back we go for the DG balance.

So instead of a lovely nights sleep at the door to deliver early, I don’t make it there, have to stop on the way to find their own truck still loading and then another gazumps me to unload, as I have waited outside and to unload a b-double without completely blocking the yard, we have to come in the out gate. So another delay, that means I get back into Dubbo with just enough time to split trailers and go and load a single for Sydney for a change.

That’s fine, but then Sydney says when I ring to see what I am bringing home, “ We didn’t know you were coming and who did you upset?” Beats me, but will see what happens re load home. They rang back and said would I do a load for Melbourne, which would have meant getting there and Saturday and then being stuck there till Monday and I said, “Not my first choice, but I will if I have to” so then went home to get a few things to do while stuck in Melbourne using reverse psychology, if I get this and take it with me, I won’t end up going and that part worked.

Into Sydney, found a park, a reasonable night sleep, up and unload, but can’t reload till 11, so back to the yard for a cuppa and stuff. Pruned (read broke off out of the way) some tree branches at the gate, over to load, no you can’t come in, the first truck hasn’t arrived and we need it first. That’s OK, I will have lunch and have a job to do on the trailer. Get all my gear out, phone rings, come on down the back and we will make a start and that dear readers is where this story must end till next week.

I will be able to tell you then where I am now. Hope you did your bit for ANZAC Day, I was on the road all day till earlier. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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