9th April 2023 Happy Easter

Goodaye all, hope you get time with those you love and or miss over Easter. To all who sat in the traffic trying to get out of Melbourne while the electrical work was done off the road but with one northbound lane closed and the traffic queued all the way from Kalkallo back to Cooper Street, I hope you rang and complained. Yes the work must be done, but why that day? Anyone with half a  brain and any understanding of traffic patterns (it is not like the ringroad was only opened yesterday) would know the traffic volume heading out of any capital will increase substantially before a long week-end, so why not piss them all off because we can?

Then in the longer term, with “Australia’s largest planned city” being now built along with more houses and expansion than is likely even in Sydney or Brisbane, why is not the work already started on more lanes northbound out of Melbourne? Where are the 30,000 plus people who will live here going to work, there is no manufacturing there, so they will be going into Melbourne and back out each day when the roads can’t cope now. So let’s build more homes without the infrastructure to support them!

And then of course we will all be held up more and for longer to deliver and carry all the goods they want and or make to sell to others. On another note I see in our local paper that the Inland Rail cost has doubled to over $30 billion, it won’t be finished for years yet and the longer it takes, the more that cost will rise. Lucky we have trucks to deliver all the stuff till then, but wait, then I read another piece about the push for autonomous trucks is going gangbusters with more millions spent, yet the car effort seems to have slowed because they are really still a long way from making it happen.

So my question is and has been for some time. If governments are pushed and agree to spend more millions on making roads suitable for autonomous trucks, why are our lives not worth that investment now? If you can answer this, please do. So some time with the family, home Friday afternoon and off to Brissie with a drop at Moree tomorrow evening, but then a later afternoon timeslot Tuesday, means some time with the kids, though now all grown up. Will see all bar one in Tassie, love you Banon. Take over the week-end, be safe and talk soon. Cheers Rod.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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