19th March 2023 A week-end in Dubbo and jobs done.

Goodaye all, a week-end at home, got in Friday and unloaded, checked for a week-end job, but nothing extra so will load Monday afternoon. Fitted a short term water tank to the truck, got a few more things tidied and have plans to see the scales fitted Monday morning and some brackets welded for another piece. Made some calls, some nice reflective tape coming for the trailers, got a call back from Vicroads about a ripple on the Hume they have been unable to find for over 12 months now and note TMR did do some work on the culverts south of Yelarbon.

Sunday night now, lights on side done and a couple fixed and lit as well, fitted the Ecofins to the top of the cab and roof light bar, am getting small extensions for the cab wings and once fitted will complete the Ecofin perimeter. Mowed, pruned, cleaned as well and now to scrub the shower. Then off to bed, will be a long day tomorrow but such is trucking. Been hot, didn’t even have breakfast or lunch, keen to get the lights fitted and on and thanks to Toby for the effort, still a few jobs to do, but getting there.

Spoke with our workshop manager and asked to get jobs done Friday, saying if we get these few things done, they will be all finished and I said, “I will leave you alone for months, you won’t know what to do with yourself” and he said, “They will never be finished”. True there will be minor repairs, but I had this list when I first put them together and always had intent to see most of it done overtime. We have plenty of other trucks and trailers to work on, yes they are the 50 year RPT set, but they have to work as well and yes, I want them to look good and will do my best to make that happen and then keep them that way. Have had comments from customers and some on the road saying they look good and will be better when completed, just little things I will see and know but few others will appreciate or care about.

Same with the truck, yes I am always looking for ideas, little things and the biggest cost and item will be to have the water tank and toolbox specially made to fill the gap and complete the chassis, but that will be one of those jobs I will work on and sort over time. Some dash lights to sort, some blue lights to set up on a switch for shows and some cupboards to fit and nearly all done, again to the initial plan I had from the start.

Am hoping to do some stories for mags and get to some shows, pity to miss the Oaklands show today, had I a load for Melbourne, could have gone, but we will see for the future. Hope to have some photos for next week. Off to the showers, till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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