12th March 2023

Goodaye all, well nearly a stuck in for two plus days week-end like the last, just a different spot, but again a couple of calls and thanks very much Andrew for getting me unloaded Friday night in Mackay, then after a night north of Rocky, got back and went to fit mudflaps I could have breakfast with my sister-in-law Saturday morning (thanks for breakfast Betty) and her husband and say Goodaye, then get into Brisbane last night.

Had a lot of paperwork to catch up on this morning, worksheet and diary, then a clean of the cab, chat with a couple of drivers, make some calls and then measure ready to fit some mudflaps, file the edges off the dropdeck chassis on both trailers, yes slow with a hand file but no grinder here and it only cost some time and sweat, no I did not hit them but marked from before and had to have it tidier as you do.

Breakfast of fruit cookies (Thanks Grandson Cody) with yoghurt and just had the last of my Coles raisin and oat ones from last week for tea with the same yoghurt. Went out for lunch with a man looking to help drivers with stuff, checking into that first and will see where that goes soon.

After borrowing Dutch’s drill, the man from lunch from above, drilled all the holes before we went to lunch (then came back to fit them, glad I had not unbolted them all), then damn, only brought two long and two short bolts, not 4 long ones, did one side, need some minor mods later but plan and outcome is what I wanted, so other side when I can get more bolts.

Took a couple of photos, had planned to wash truck for them, but no room or gear and raining here and there, so decided to get into computer and did so just before it bucketed down, so no kore photos, will try in the morning now. I must say the Bruce Highway down to Gin Gin at least is looking better and has more stopping bays and sites than I have ever seen on it. Still more work to be done and will look forward to the Gympie bypass but need more sites closer to Brissie.

Trouble was the car and caravan drivers. One vanner, doing around 90, I was the fourth vehicle behind him into the long overtaking lane and still had 500 metres to go and he tried to pull across in front of me, then sat there beside me till the end and had to slow to get back in. The signs all say, “ALLOW OVERTAKING VEHICLES TO PASS” NOT “Pull out in front to stop them long before the end of the overtaking lane and then stay at 90 kph!”

Some cars would do 90, then as you had a chance to overtake, speed up to 100, but then back to 95 or 90 and then wonder why you are still behind them k after k? Some more rain, but had it so hard near Springsure on the way up, had to slow to see the road and of course the road to Mt Isa has been closed after the torrential rain up there. Hope all get out of it OK.

Well time for a shower now it is cooler and hope to get a decent sleep, then load in the morning. I did manage to visit home for clothes Wednesday before heading off to load and knowing there was no way I would be home, so the third week away and hoping to get home next week-end to get some more lights fitted to the truck and finish that other mudflap. Cheers and Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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