19th February 2019 Conference and join an association, preferably the NRFA.

Goodaye all, again short, trying to write submissions, letters of support, sort life and try and not upset all family all at once, then off to Canberra tomorrow to be in deeper shit. So be it.

As I said last week, conference went well, thanks to the many who worked to make it happen, provided support or auction items. Our NRFA Facebook page has a list and we had logos and banners from most on display at the event. Also those who attended in whatever capacity, our speakers and our panel members, the crew who did the rollover recovery demonstration and those who organized and helped with that.

Of course the work that comes from the conference, will decide in the longer term how effective it was and all that takes more time and effort. Had a driver approach me Monday morning speaking of yet again, lack of industry consultation on rest areas. This time a specific case and waste and I am following that up with him and will raise in Canberra. We have a long way to go, but I am positive we can achieve some improvements in the short term and more in the long term.

Yes I have seen all the naysayers bag the funding, the committee and life in general. What have those done to help. Will they join as association, no. WHY NOT? We have all been burnt by those who promise the world and then deliver nothing. I have never promised, I have said I will try and I would hope most of you would agree, I have. Have I done enough, some of you would say no, my family will say way too much.

Will I keep trying, yes for a few years yet, will I survive, who knows? Again I will ask you to join the NRFA. I will not promise you anything except to show over 20 years of effort. Has that achieved anything you rightly ask? Much of the effort you will never see or here of any of those results or even simply attempts to see change. I am not here to list crow or tally them, simply to try and make those of you who watch but don’t act, aware of the timer and effort it takes to get anything done.

I have had rest area designs changed, sites fixed cleaned, improved and built. I had had roads fixed, improved and repaired and of course the blue/green reflectors have seen about once every few months, someone tell me it has helped and even occasionally ,I am told I have saved a life. But I have not solved the industries problems and if you think I have failed there, then what have you done to help.

The NRFA is recognised, is working, struggles to have the time money and resources to go to every meeting and respond to every request. Could you do it< I doubt it but please give it a try or support those who do it for you. Can we fix everything, No and we will never say we can, but will we try yes. So if you can’ or won’t put in 20 hours a week, will you support others who do? If you join NATROAD or your state association, it will cost you much more, they want your numbers and input like we do. Will you get good value, only you can answer that.

If the NRFA had 1000 members out of the 200,000 truckies, not a lot to ask, we could do more and so could I. Join one, anyone, contribute in a small way and help us to help you, if you won’t, then stop whinging and complaining on social media and in truckstops that the industry is buggered. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.  

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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