22nd January 2023

Goodaye all, feeling a bit melancholy (thanks Luke at Triple M for the bottle of wine for Chrissie, finally had a chance to have a glass or two) perhaps the wine is why. I have done three radio interviews this week, plus back into my spot on Triple M, one for Australian Truck Radio, a new year hello, one with ABC Dubbo after the announcement of NSW Minister For Regional Transport and Roads announcing an invitation for truckies to contribute and nominate where we need rest areas and or increased capacity and what we would use them for? It is specifically about three highways but will accept comments across NSW so get in and have a say, I certainly will and have done directly already.

You can participate here

I was asked was I aware of this and did I have a comment. What do you think? Yes I had many, including the fact that many of the new overtaking lanes on the Newell (and this is aside from the fact most have had repair work done on them within months of completion and the one south of Peak Hill is now being done again for I think the fourth time) have come at the cost of truck parking bays. The reporter was surprised to hear this, funny that! Starting at Trewilga, south from Boggabilla, Back Creek north of West Wyalong and my current fight, at the dipper in the Pilliga.

Of course, not only did I explain I had spoken to the authorities when they started each of these works, during said works and again nearing completion, each time being told, “Yes we will look into that” only to have each works completed and more truck stops lost. I also gave the reporter more than he needed, but have offered him a ride as well to see it from our point of view.

Then there was one with ABC Wagga simply to say Goodaye for the year and give a plug for our upcoming conference in Wagga on February 11th. Check the website and or Facebook page and join the NRFA and come along.

Truckie Tuesday on “Nightshift” from 1AM to 3 is back on the air, so a few callers and some about EWDS with one fellow then texting me at 4AM asking which one I was now using. Loaded out of Melbourne for Sydney, got truck washed at King of the Road at Albury and as always, terrific job done and left looking a million bucks, into Sydney and looked like being held over for two days, then after one night had to double split in the rain to deliver and goodbye clean truck, then load wool for Melbourne. Made it down, three drops, reload and home Saturday morning to get two new windscreens.

I need to get some time in Dubbo to sort out my water tank and toolbox to complete the chassis, have a mate doing some stainless and hope to have that fitted and finished within the next month, then start on trailers. There have been many who have contributed to this truck and I will detail them all when it is done, but thanks to them here as well.

Thanks to those who have called up and said they enjoyed my podcast on “Copy Southbound” and at this stage, Bruce is coming to our Wagga Conference and I hope that will give him something a bit different, lots of passionate truckies together hoping to improve things for all on the road.

I have to catch up with my audio books page and find some blue window tint now for the new windscreens, so will wish you all Safe Travelling, Rod.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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