18th December 2022 Merry Christmas and a TRUCKING Good New Year to all.

Goodaye all, well home since Friday, but out tomorrow to Newcastle, double split to deliver Monday morning and then load for Mackay for Wednesday delivery, so might be home for Friday or Saturday. Did one radio interview for Christmas with my mate Mark from Yass FM Friday afternoon, a good half hour chat and have ABC Central West Monday and 2DU Dubbo Tuesday and will try for a couple more.

I have seen some Xmas messages from others in the media and hope people do listen and take heed. We like so many others, have work coming out of our ears and it is likely I will be back on the road Boxing Day, but will know next week. The one thing this means to all those who will have a good Christmas, is, “IT ALL CAME ON TRUCKS” and all we ask is for a bit of empathy and that you all drive as though those in the vehicles around you, are others in your family.

You would not cut off, abuse or risk your parents, your children or other family would you? So if you drive that way all the time, as though every vehicle around you has a member of your own family in it, then more people will make it home safe each day. Too often it seems we are all in a hurry, yes I too do at times want to be somewhere, but often the difference is I have not just the boss and the customer to please, the authorities will not simply give me a break and let me off if I need an extra ten minutes time to get to a decent place for a feed, a shower or a decent sleep. They will say tough, you are a professional driver and should have expected all the delays and idiots and roadworks and caravans and everything else and fine me merrily.

There is no doubt at times you cannot argue against road safety and I don’t mean when there is a real and perceived risk on the road, but some roadworks speed limits, distances and signage need to be both more realistic and truly reflect the risk. Two kilometres of 40 k zone when there is a culvert off the roadway being improved, but without anyone even on site, is not the same risk as 10 blokes working on the road fixing potholes. We must find the happy medium, yes protect roadworkers, but don’t simply put up signs (or simply never take the things down even when there is no one working there and the work is off the actual roadway) and slow traffic seemingly for the fun of it because you can.

That is when people ignore the signs. In the last week, I have seen both ends of the spectrum, signs and speedlimits way over the top and then come round a corner to find traffic stopped with very little warning and really, insufficient notice for fully loaded trucks at highway speeds. Even the rough surface signs are either used when the road they sign is not as bad as the bit before or after, or it is bloody dangerous. Maybe we need “REALLY this one is rough” signs too?

So to all on the road, have a terrific and Merry Christmas, a TRUCKING Good New Year and whilst I may well “speak” to you before then, it will depend on how much time at home over the short break. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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