13th November 2022

Goodaye all, well 14 hours home in my first three weeks back on the road. Visited last Wednesday night, back to work Thursday morning with a big plan and nearly had it all undone by a “T” piece. Had an airbag replaced, off on the plan and got loaded in Parkes, then smelt something burning and found link trailer bags flat. Found the leak and rang work, will find a bit and send someone, then had an offer from a young lady in the industry who got their mechanic out, but they did not have the right fitting and my plan all nearly fell to bits.

I wanted to be in Mackay (yes again for the week-end) so I could attend a Central Qld Heavy Vehicle Forum on Wednesday. Then I had plans to be home for the dentist Saturday, (yes done) then Monday, visit a doctor, get the trailers relined, some work on the truck and so far so good. The time I lost for the T piece in the end meant I had to fit in a break, so to be still able to unload, get reloaded, get to Mackay for 24 hour break etc. Got there and found there was another truck in front of me, but ended up loading out Monday and again Tuesday to be back Tuesday evening for a shower and bed before the event.

Yes it was ambitious to plan so much and so far ahead, what the hell was I thinking and to have it all nearly brought undone by an air leak, no one else would understand. But by a bit of an effort, it worked. The event in Mackay went well, I hope it will have some effects and will pursue in the future. I do think this went well, could see some change for the future and thank the organisers for the invite. Thanks also to all others who attended, there was one other driver and many government bodies who I hope will act. You never know if you never go, but if you don’t, you certainly will not be heard.

Got loaded Thursday and even then on the way home managed to attend the Transport for NSW Regional Freight Forum in Narrabri Friday (having missed the Dubbo one last week). My EWD kept me legal and on time, but I had to use all my hours on a couple of days and having that, meant no hours stolen by the stupid rounding rules that take our time and refuse to consider that loss and it ramifications.

Had a couple of drivers call me up for various reasons, mostly good, some off to court, some wanting things fixed etc. I keep trying, but there is only one of me and until you all join the NRFAS and help, it is a slow and arduous process to get anything fixed. Some light at the end of the Tpt for NSW tunnel, I was able to raise a list of issues, hope some have even been already looked at, some road issues north of Moree, some recognition of my efforts re rest areas and some further inclusion of others to see that start to improve.

A bit late, had to help a daughter and now to bed to complete tomorrows tasks and get to work in the evening if all goes well. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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