8th May 2022 ATA Convention

Goodaye all, just home this morning and off tomorrow, so short and sweet. Short week on the road, nothing special but got the truck and trailers wheel aligned while attending the ATA convention. Was to fit some steer balance rings, but they did not have a torque wrench, so will sort this week and do a rotation at the same time.

I saw the doctor at 7PM, pretty keen to see a top Sydney surgeon in Dubbo that time on a Sunday night. Top bloke, last repair went well and working good. New damage is not just tendon, but torn shoulder as well. Says he would recommend surgery, but we will have to see. Then got to work to have a trailer problem, had to tranship the load, finished late, went to bed and off to Newcastle early. Unload and reload and managed to get it done on the Monday after sitting for hours waiting to load. Had a good feed at Moorelands on the way up, one of the few old roadhouses on the Pacific now.

Just made it to Ballina for the loo, a kip, then radio and did a live truckstop revue. No kitchen, just fast food and had a quick shower with Luke and Jess, was a bit crowded, but made for good radio some said afterwards. Back to bed and off again and on into Brisbane Tuesday, visit Icepack to sort some future cupboards (a top bunch of helpful blokes there).

In Brissie got the truck washed, worked local for the day, then a lift to the convention. In for a quick hello and drink, then into the serious part Thursday morning. Attended sessions the whole time, did my spot as one of three presenters in “The Future of Truck Rest Areas” that afternoon. Spoke with many, asked lots of questions, may get the award for the most questions asked, if not me, then NRFA would be a shoo in.

NRFA had 8 members as a delegation, two more attending in their own right and congratulations to Sally Tipping for her previously winning the NSW Transport Woman of the year, which then saw her nominated for the ATA  awards. She did not win, but we all support her and are proud of her efforts and achievements. So we had 10 members there and had another join during the convention, welcome Andy.

We had a debrief Saturday morning and I have written a piece for our NRFA members. We knew we could not and would not, change the world, but you have to be in it to win it. You can sit on the outside and whinge and complain, or you can go in, have a say and give it a shot. From conversations, contributions, questions, or simply from a comment, we hope to at the very least, made a difference, we may see it, we may never know, but achieve something valuable, but none of that will happen unless you attend.

You may well all be sick of me saying, join an association, you cannot do it alone, but when you join, you must do so with the intent of being a part of it and taking part. You can’t just pay your money and expect “someone” else to do it all. Every one of our members who attended, lost time and income from their own businesses or job, none of us have big companies behind us that will pay us to attend or keep going without us. I would like to thank all those NRFA members who attended and for their efforts whilst there. I do hope it was worthwhile, but only time will tell. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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