1st May 2022 Not enough hours.

Goodaye all, off to Albury Sunday night, I reckon the CTI (central tyre inflation) on the steer could have saved me from at the least, a big fright and at worst, having the left hand steer tyre go flat as I hooked in at 100 kph through the sweeping right hand bend over the top (it is a long way down there) of the Hume Highway at the end of the Olympic Way. It went off and I thought it an unusual spot, no rain or slowed down for the pressure to change and all felt ok, but then it went off again with blow out front. It was of course, already putting air in to balance the loss and as I can see the pressure live, I knew it was not flat yet, so I slowed down, got down the road to where I could stop, found the piece of steel, (looked like a chain link opened up when we pulled it out the next morning) and so took the earliest exit and idled down to the BP for the night.

A delay in the morning, some ours too, phone messages not passed on etc, but it seems some low life had been slashing tyres round Albury and the tyre fellow was as busy as. Managed to do a repair, a clean in and out to plug, no other damage and that left me late enough, not to be able to get to Melbourne and reload, but then managed to get a service done at Twin City Kenworth. Took a bit longer than planned and did not get my one extra done. Leccy was too late back and they had waited hoping he would arrive in time, but I will prevail one day with this hanging on issue. Thanks for fitting me in.

Rest of the week I had planned, others had different plans, but got 4 legs in, service, picked up a couple of bits for Rod mods to the TIV for when I get those hours spare and home yesterday. Did a bit of sorting, then checked trailers to go, one tyre needed doing, then backing it in, thought front axle not right, found broken U bolt, run back to catch workshop, and that took up much more of my afternoon than I had planned.

After only near three full week-ends spare time, not full days or week-end of course, have managed to complete most of clear coat on bullbar. Wish I could have had it done by an expert, you won’t tell from 5 metres away, but will preserve paint on bar, just the front of the cab and fuel tanks to do now!!!

Still have some of the things I had planned to be done before it hit the road (like the clear coat), still to do, lights etc, but you can only do so much while working fulltime and on the road. Still managed to fit in a meeting with Transport for NSW for a couple of hours on rest areas on the Newell at Moree, Narrabri and Dubbo. Six others in meeting, but I had my say and I sincerely hope they are now listening. They did say the need for consultation only came up recently and I will take some credit, because I have certainly been giving them a hard, but respectful, time, saying they have been doing it wrong, not talking to those who sleep in such places and therefor, not PROVIDING US WITH PLACES TO SUITABLY MANAGE OUR FATIGUE.

Then another meeting with the ATA, as I will be presenting there on Thursday at their convention o the Gold Coast on “The Future of Truck Rest Areas”, so a big rest are couple of weeks. The ATA have come out in support of my National Truck Rest Area Strategy and I welcome that and will of course be pushing that hard and it is part of one of the following recommendations.

NRFA will have a delegation of 8 members attending and we aim to seek all association’s support for the recommendations from the Senate Inquiry into a Safe and Viable Road Transport Industry.

Had an MRI, yes have torn the left bicep clean off, not too much pain, but what to do. Seeing doctor tonight for clearance from last one and hope he can stitch it up for me and back to work (in my dreams, you all know how keen I am) but we will see. Have to do shopping etc and could use another 10 hours for stuff, but not available, yet again. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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