10th April 2022 Trangie Truck Show. The wet show of the west.

Goodaye all, well it was with a wet set of clothes as I tried to wash the truck, the more I did the more it rained, so I gave in and thought, at least I will still be there. It was Saturday morning, having only got home late Friday afternoon and I did have some things to complete if I could, before the show. So I must thank the team at Simmos Signs Dubbo, not only for their help and design efforts, but for waiting till I got there after 5PM, me still dripping wet from unhooking etc and working till nearly 8PM, THANK YOU. I will follow up and show you their efforts next week.

Now many had arrived at Trangie early and had beautiful clean trucks (and one side of mine was) and it rained all the way out from Dubbo, some quite heavy and into the first hour of the show, but about 9 AM the rain lifted with only some sprinkles, till immediately after the ceremony and awards at the showgrounds around 3PM.

The organisers had said the show would go on and they stood their ground and I believe were rewarded with someone said, near or perhaps over 200 vehicles entered across all categories, cars, bikes, trucks and tractors, so well done to all who braved the weather to attend, to all the organisers and crew behind them for what turned out to be a terrific effort.

Yes they had truck awards, but I was unaware till the end that they are starting a Hall of Fame and whilst they don’t have a hall yet (but the mayor was there presenting and they did put him on the spot for the hall) they inducted the first 6 members, all locals and industry stalwarts and long time transport operators.

It was said the Hall of Fame at Alice is a long way away and to have something very nearly in the centre of NSW would be good for the industry and a couple did make some big claims that with better weather and local support etc, it could go on to become a very serious and special industry event and I wish them all the best.

Given the weather, it can be assumed some of the people from further away may have decided it was too much and whilst there were not hundreds of cars, there were some nice ones and some unusual ones on show. I planned to get a photo of the grand car winner,  but he got away, though I do hope to follow up next week if I can with all the winners and details, but the TRANGIE TRUCK SHOW Facebook page will cover it all for you to look at.

I had planned to provide some photos, but have spent the afternoon tyring to fit clear coat to the bullbar as it has started to chip. I had planned to have it fitted before it hit the road, but all the things which delayed it and see me still trying to complete it to where I can simply work, meant that was not possible. I got most of the bars done, but still have more to do and have to be early to load my rhino in the morning to go to a game park in SA. It will be an interesting trip and I am bringing another home, trying then to get to Melbourne and be back in Wagga for the “Stone the Crows” festival where I will do presentations on Easter Friday and Saturday about sharing the road with trucks.

So as always a quiet, restful and nothing to do week-end visiting Dubbo. But I love doing much of it, though it does frustrate me at times and of course has an impact on my family that I will never be able to compensate for. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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