20th March 2022 A roadtrain here and a roadtrain there.

Goodaye all, been a big week at work, roadtrains here and roadtrains there. Had to reconfigure the triple at Bourke to have the right trailers in place to unload, then off to Mt isa, thought I was going back again after returning to Dubbo, but then for the second trip, did a changeover at Barcaldine, then back to Dubbo, off to Broken Hill, into Parkes, back to Dubbo, then Newcastle and another changeover at Kiga Bore rest area, home this morning and off to Perth tomorrow, third time lucky?

So got to take part in the first “Driving Health” podcast series done by Monash University on Monday after unloading two of my three trailers at a mine, then was to take part in an NTC session, but they ignored my email reply, asking them to send me a link to my phone. Have since contacted them and have a one-on-one session booked for next week.

Into Mt Isa, out the next day with two trailers to pick up a truck at Cloncurry and third trailer at McKinley. I must say the facilities at the Cloncurry saleyards are excellent, good showers, a kitchen nearly, bbq and all, well done and were about to be pressure cleaned after I had my shower. It can be done, we just need more such sites available.

A well [placed, set up and cleaned shower block, thank you to Cloncurry Council.

Second trip took one b-double and dolly out to Bourke, had more trouble than I thought hooking up the second b-double, being dark and in the rain and mud, did not help. But once on the way all good. A top heavy load on the drop deck was interesting over some trainlines, but got to Barcaldine, only to have the fellow I changed over with, have tyre trouble the next day.

Redirected to Parkes, loaded there for Dubbo, missed the taskforce at the parking bay on the northside and had one driver ring me and complain about the use of one of our very popular and much needed rest areas as an interception point, specifically about possibly waking drivers etc. Why not use the weighbridge site just down the road?

Had a listen to the first six “Health in Gear” podcasts and I believe the one I did for them has just been released this week. Some good advice from the other ambassadors involved and if it helps one driver with an issue, then well worth the effort to make them and for drivers to listen to them. Give them a go and let me know what you think.

Seems my timing was near perfect on the run out to Broken Hill, slept on the way out and missed the first big storm, unloaded and headed back and they had a deluge that night according to another driver. Should be all gone and sorted for tomorrow I hope.

Finally got a chance to wash the truck, it looks good when clean, but still have some minor things to add, complete and sort. It will take a few months, but will aim to have complete for when the interim trailers are ready. Hope you enjoy the photos, a couple of drivers asked me was I lost, a couple commented on the new truck, but a change is like a holiday they say, still keen for those new trailers. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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