26th January 2022 Happy Australia Day, please have a beer or something for me, about to hit the road again.

Goodaye all, sorry for gap and been flat out, stressed getting truck sorted, trying to do it all, work, chase people and survive on the road. Old mate in an Argosy came across at me on the way to Port Augusta, had an idiot overtake me yesterday coming home and thought that was pretty stupid towards a blind crest, then the dickhead behind him waited till he could see a car coming and he went to pass me in a double and if I had not slowed and veered off, there could have been a tragedy. And that is just the highlights.

So a bit of a change, an open double to Port Augusta, had them unload and reload while I had a break, then off to Adelaide. Transport SA have told me the green reflectors have been put up on the Princess as a trial and if it goes well will expand them to other roads. There are now a couple more in SA and Victoria and NSW following this trip. If any of you have seen or used the ones on the Princess (and I have asked for photos and a list of sites but not forthcoming yet) please let me know what you think as it should help make them understand the value of them to us till one day we have enough truck rest areas.

I will be ringing them, coming out of Adelaide, as unless you pull off into the servos off the freeway, there is nowhere to stop and check your load, have a leak or anything till Nuriootpa and with my herd of rhinos (hopefully photos to follow) on top of some of the load, I had to check them etc, plus the wallowy bit near Roseworthy Road was better than most roller coasters I have seen, though the bit south of the pads north of Forbes is back and worse than it was when I asked them to fix it last time. Anyone else thinks this is dangerous (and from the skidmarks off into the bush, one bloke who didn’t know, see the signs and or slow down probably thinks it is) ring 131700 and explain the issue to them please. I too, will try!

So another week-end away, have just got dressed and even put my workboots on for those who wanted to hassle me over my thongs in the new truck photo (it was a week-end, I had just travelled and hadn’t even got in it yet) so I could do a TV bit for ad-blue, am trying to cram a few days jobs into a half day and am off to Newcastle, then central Qld hoping not to get stuck there for another week-end away.

Thank you to every single person who has contributed to the new TIV. It is nearly done, rego and a few finishing touches to complete, get the interim trailer sorted and on the road!! I can’t wait.

 To those who have offered comment and support (except the thong Police) thanks for your support. It has been a long road and I must say, pretty stressful the last few weeks, but there are always others worse off and I am thankful for what I have. I will say to you, when I started all this, I said, “The worst that can happen is I waste my time, my effort and my money and nothing changes, but if I save one life, then everything after that is a bonus.” And there are those who say I may have saved a few already. Let’s hope many more can be saved. Till next time, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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