9th January 2022, Podcasts, trucks and penalties.

Goodaye all, back at work for a full week, though started Tuesday, down to Melbourne and back, then a roadtrain to Brisbane, back to Dubbo Saturday morning and due out to Melbourne again tomorrow. Sometimes quiet on the road, a few calls from drivers with issues to follow up and due back on the Nightshift next week.

Those of you who are into audiobooks and follow my Facebook page “Audiobooks for the road” will not find a post for this week. I was talking to a mate last week about the new TIV and some other industry issues and he told me he had done a podcast and spoke of associations etc and I should have a listen. So I looked it up and downloaded the 27 episodes so far to a thumb drive and for this week, have been listening and am into number 11 I think.

I have known a few of those interviewed so far, known of a couple of others and whilst it is about industry generally, it does have a focus on those from the past and or who do up old trucks. There has certainly been some talk of quick trucks (those that “cracked”), what it was like in the old days compared to now and what rules got broken then.

I have found it mostly interesting with one episode a bit hard to hear properly in the truck and will pass that on to them. It has not opened my eyes as such, as I have had similar conversations and heard much of the history, though I am sure you would agree there is very little of it in print. If you have a recommendation for a good history book on the Australian road transport industry, please let me know.

I would recommend “They Came like Waves” by Jeffrey Ffrost as a good place to start and will chase the names of Ray Gillehard’s (please excuse my spelling if wrong for now) book, the one from the fellow who started in Tassie, went to the states and now lives in Bundy and of course, Ted Steven’s book on the blockades, which of course has had both participants from that time and others commenting on it, in some podcasts.

It has been good for a change and I will finish some more after some more audio books for a break, but if you are interested in the old days, fast trucks, transport history and restoring old trucks, have a look at “Copy Southbound”.

The two issue that have got much attention and comment that are issues of mine, have been of course, rest areas and the current fines and penalties. I aim to continue my efforts, but would ask you as readers (or listeners if you listen to the podcast of the blog), what specific fines and penalties do you see as excessive and what would you recommend in their place.

I aim to make up a list and with NRFA support and approval, submit it to the NTC. We have already flagged to them our absolute aim and intent to be a part of the penalties review and have sought a guarantee that their will be further industry participation and involvement. So any comments or suggestions? Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

One reply on “9th January 2022, Podcasts, trucks and penalties.”

Hi Rod – I reckon you’d be a good candidate for Copy Southbound with the work you do as a road safety advocate! Bruce and Brendan, the guys behind Copy Southbound, are great blokes and good friends of mine


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