19th December 2021 Christmas is Coming.

Goodaye all, hello from downtown Port Augusta. Got out of Dubbo later than planned after my 24 hour break so could do this trip, trailers not ready, one not loaded and then a couple of mechanical and half done issues to sort. But got in right on time to meet the crane, unloaded a roadtrain with some containers and mining type gear, over to the servo and fueled up, the truck and me and had a kip, now some catch up and then onto Whyalla to load tomorrow.

Had to que up to get a covid test in Dubbo Friday and with the truckies sites at Dubbo and Forbes now closed, it will be even harder for those still needing negative results to get into Queensland and other states.

The one at the Dubbo showground is still open and another truckie had driven in bobtail but then had to park and walk in, as you normally go into the shed in your car. However truckies results done quick and had mine that afternoon. Had to hook up to yet another state app for SA and was half hour late into SA, but all good at the border.

Fantastic light show on the way over and some entertainment on the UHF. Heard one exchange where it seems two drivers were approaching a signed narrow (but still two lane) culvert and one driver thinking it meant too narrow, lit up the other because he did not stop. Yes some are narrow, but if careful or you simply slow a bit, no problem, however, blinding the bloke coming at you as they reach a narrow bridge seems pretty stupid to me, what do you think?

There was then an exchange with each calling the other out, there was no contact, no sideways trucks all locked up, but the blinder was not from here. Seems if you don’t give way to him, simply because he thinks you should, he was happy to blind the other bloke and that seems far more dangerous, than simply slowing if you are not confident enough to get through a narrow culvert!

Been a fairly interesting week, got loaded in Bundaberg Monday after a bit of fun finding the mill, the last road in, looked like a dead end and I thought, looks like I will be backing the b-double out of here, but was one of those that looked bad, but was OK. A few in front, so out after lunch, then unloaded Brisbane Tuesday, loaded back out after some dispute on orders, excellent feed (as always) at Fisher Park Truckstop and then had to traverse the back road into Wee Waa with the front road still closed, though only signed at the end after you head down there, due to flooding.

Back out that way, then a meeting with NHVR re fatigue and invited the new staff member there for a trip when the new one is on the road. Now have the CEOs of the ATA, Infrastructure Australia, Glen Sterle and Kym set for trips in the new year and with efforts from Transport for NSW re rest areas, SA doing the Eyre Highway with green reflectors, there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope the new TIV will be done next week, but it seems it will have to be pin stripped later as I can’t get onto Tony at TRUCKWRITERS. Luke on the Nightshift actually asked about whether the lines on trucks are still done by hand and I explained about Tony and now his son still doing it. Thanks to all who have kept faith and time and space to fit it in at this busy time of year. I just have to get it back to Dubbo for a few lights and rego and then onto and into the new year and four or five years of keeping pushing the barrow.

At this stage will be home for Christmas, but possible will be working between, not sure yet and probably won’t know till late in the week. Sane for new year, so would like to thank all who reads this, expect you won’t mind if I don’t post next week-end, but if home and have time will catch up before new year. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a TRUCKING good New Year. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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