23rd May 2021 Back to Convalescing

Goodaye all. Well the truckshow has been and gone and from where I sit, it was not only a success for the organisers and the industry, it was for the NRFA as well. Thanks to all our members who gave their time and effort, to members who stopped in and to those who joined up at the show or who will now!!!

It has been back to physio, visit work to say hello and arrange some things for the future, be given more exercises to do and with them, for the first time, I can actually touch the back of my left shoulder with my right arm. Movement in front is good and lifting my arm on its own is now improving. A week ago at physio, I could not even lift my right arm a foot from my side, let alone without pain. So getting better.

In discussions with one of our members about audio books, we spoke of different series and he suggested the “Assassins Apprentice” and I managed to find a second hand copy in Dubbo for $6 so that is my current reading, having finished book 9 in the Castle series. It remains one of my favourite TV shows and I have now read the first 9 of 10 books. Funny when art imitates life, the series about an author who writes the books, then they wrote the books and there were 10 books and only 8 series.

Working on some new member benefits for NRFA, other follow ups from the show and taking part in a Rural Road Safety Forum online Wednesday, being held in Brisbane through CARRSQ and putting a truckies view forward. Did get a reply from my 3 inquiries to TMR at the show, the Gatton Pads are having work done, a delay with light towers I believe and will be made available again when the work is done. They are fitting weighbridges and I asked will they be left on as with at the port etc and that was taken on notice. I have since sent my list of concerns re the Toowoomba bypass (again and again) but am hopeful of some movement, or I will have to gain some more support from you out there, to put more pressure on them to act instead of doing nothing and saying, “It is all about road safety”.

The issue of toilets at the roadtrain hook up bay was answered with yes, it should be considered. It should have been considered and built when the bypass was being done. It is not like they opened the bypass and then said “Gee, maybe we could let roadtrains come this far, but what will happen to them then?” Obviously someone missed that part and with one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing, we get to this point now. Not good enough.

Any of you who agree there should be toilets, ring 131940, ring TMR, ring the local member and anyone else you want to include. They have failed us till now, we want to have more say, more inclusion and should not have to fight after the event. Who was consulted about the roadtrain bay? Did they fail us or was the consultation, ask one bloke and whatever he says ignore it, but then we can say we consulted.

We are not asking to be given control, but we must be given both the chance to comment, suggest and solve problems before they are stuffed up. Had the toilets been included in the works, they would have been much cheaper. How much will they cost to do now and if so when? All these people have toilets on every floor of their buildings, we just want some and why were they not included here? If you have the answer, let me know. If you are not happy, let them know, but at least relatively nicely, no abuse, that won’t help. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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