12th May 2021 Late but keen.

Goodaye all, sorry for the late blog, a busy week-end and had to have my column in early for Owner Driver magazine, as with the truckshow, they will be tied up later this week. The Brisbane Truckshow starts tomorrow and NRFA has a stand, number 32 in the foyer. Come along and visit us and join up. For those that join we will have my personally designed logbook divider sheet, with all the road authority numbers you need to ring up and report on road issues across Australia, along with other hopefully valuable information.

Some drivers I speak to have never used these avenues to report issues, some will not think anything will be done or they will simply not be listened to, but for example, how can someone in Brisbane know about the big dip at the Julia Creek turnoff south of Kynuna, unless someone reports it. Yes there is a local crew, but they have hundreds of kilometres to travel and repair and may not pick it up for some time. But if you think it warrants reporting, you can then help them to get it fixed earlier, perhaps helping reduce a risk to another driver, lessening or removing yet one more possible impact that may cause a component failure, if not then, but possibly thousands of kilometres later.

Victoria are currently the only state who will give you a reference number, but I have rang all but the NT and WA in the last few years and whilst some things take more time and may not be fixed as soon as we would like, the more reasoned and safety related complaints, the more likely the road authority is likely to act and fix the problem. One call may not see it fixed, but 5 may then make them think, this must be an issue and if we don’t fix it, we could be held liable. You must never abuse the person taking the call, they did not fail, they are simply taking the message and will aim to report it. You must be as succinct with the location as you can, so they know where and can then direct a crew to the problem and again, if you relate it to a road safety issue, they will be more likely to act.

This will be a short chat, I aim to do a blog with some pictures each night till Sunday and hope to be home Monday. I have been a good boy doing my exercises, they will be next after a shower, I have tried hydrotherapy, twice in the heated pool, went to physio before leaving Dubbo and will again when home Tuesday. Movement range of the shoulder is increasing slowly, sleep has improved now as I do not have to wear the sling to bed, but I am told to wear it in crowds, to both avoid people giving me the pat on the shoulder and with it on, you may get a slightly wider berth, thereby reducing the risk of it being bumped or hit. There is also the risk of an automatic and often instant but impossible to stop, reaction to an impact that could still undo the surgery before it has had time to fully heal.

So if you are planning to visit the Brisbane Truckshow, come and say hello and I will of course be seeking support from those who have confirmed participation in the next TIV and always happy to have others involved. Till tomorrow night, I hope and plan so far, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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