25th October 2020 Back to work.

Goodaye all. Have a week off, dig some holes at home, in the yard of course, go to Canberra for some filming stuff, and get some more support for the next TIV. That was last week. Back into it Sunday, though cleaning the skidplates on both trailers, is not always my favourite way to start the week on a Sunday and have been running ever since. I have Teflon plates on both turntables, so no grease and with the truck in the shop getting the clutch sorted and the trailers due for annual inspection for rego, they had to use another truck to move them. Two trips to Melbourne, then to Purrawunda and into Toowoomba Friday to get the EBS sorted again.

The truck has only had one previous problem with the EBS since we finally sorted the issue of how to fit the radar sensor. Herd supplied the bullbar a terrific effort of support, but they could not cut a hole in it as it was a FUPs bar. After a lot of questions and effort, it was found that with about 1mm tolerance, we could simply mount it on the top of the base. Once hooked up it worked well till it did not and thanks to Knorrr Bremse and there excellent support, it was found the harness under the engine had a join and with a small oil leak and the usual fluids under an engine, the contact got muck in it. It should not have been in that position, but was replaced and moved to a better and less prone spot and has been good since.

Like all things electronic, it works well till it doesn’t. Then being something that either you can’t simply see or feel to be the issue, you need both specific knowledge, tools and for the thing to play up when you inspect it. How many of you have had a problem, gone to get it fixed, to then find, there’s nothing wrong with it at the moment, so you head off only to have the fault reappear. You simply can’t fix things with a shifter and a hammer anymore, can you?

Had my break whilst repairs underway, a few phone calls, rang and put my views on an article about industry safety, then into Brissie to load and get out and deliver on the way home Saturday morning.

Problem was a pin to the ECM. If I think back, I can attribute these pins to 8 breakdowns and issues. Always got going, but something so important in how things work, yet so small in size and makes you wonder if it is not properly designed or built for the task. I will talk to Cummins and if any of you with trucks have had similar issues, I would be interested to hear.

Watching trends in the USA about truckstops and meals, they too had issues early on with the virus and being forced to close food centres, but then were recognised as essential to keep their truckers on the road. Many sites did close and have still not reopened and there seems to be a trend of more buying meals and heading off, with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate cited as one issue that started the trend and the virus only pushing it further.

I am hoping to build a kitchen box, any thoughts and suggestions welcome and if you are a caravan manufacturer, maybe you would be interested in being a sponsor and helping me build the ultimate one for a truck with your knowledge and expertise with vans and or motorhomes. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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