11th October 2020 A week off

Goodaye all, I am having a week off, the truck needs a clutch and so I have made up a list with a few other jobs for truck and trailers and plan to work on family, a couple of books and the next TIV. Thank you to those who have commented on the “phone a mate” idea. If you will have a go and ring a mate to offer a Goodaye and perhaps empower one person either to seek help, or simply to think of, contact and even possibly help another driver, then I am glad that my mate rang me with the idea. Some of you may see a video which mentions me and this idea, but he did go a bit hard, I did not save anyone’s life, I simply found out after the event, but hope by putting the idea out there, that one of you may truly save someone doing it tough.

There are many drivers who over the years have tried to do their bit to see things change, there are many more who have either complained and done nothing, or simply thought it all too hard. Nothing will change unless someone makes the effort, sometime it will still not change, but you must either support someone who makes the effort, make it yourself, or shut up and don’t whinge about it, if you are not prepared to actually do anything constructive.

It is hard to do it on your own, the associations and other groups cannot solve all our problems overnight and the government, unfortunately doesn’t even know nor care, what the problems are, let alone know what the solutions may be. So you can have a go, you can join an association, but even then, joining alone and paying a fee, does not fix it all. If you don’t like what an association, union, group or bunch of blokes do and think you can do it better, then join and make it happen, or at least try. No group can get things done without member participation and support.

Just joining and then doing nothing may give the group numbers, but unless you participate, provide input, give your views, etc, how will anyone know what you want to see done. Our biggest problem as an industry, is that we are all individuals, like every other group, but then we have owner drivers and company drivers, local and intra and then interstate and then we have all the industry sectors that each want possibly different things or even similar things but in different ways or for other reasons.

We have overnight express, general freight, tippers and tankers, livestock, oversize and all the others as well, which are all part of the transport industry, yet have differing needs, representation and issues. Then of course if we were all local drivers, we could have a meeting and maybe be heard, but we are spread from one end of the country to the other and trying to deal with day to day issues, let alone industry wide ones that need more effort than one bloke or one association can change.

What has been your experience with the union, with the associations that represent us, have they listened, have they acted or do they not truly represent you, whether you are a local tanker driver or an oversize driver or pilot, or any other group. If you have the answer to all our problems, then please let me know how to solve them for you and I will do my best. If not, join one group or the other and try and help them achieve the impossible, to solve all our problems. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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