16th August 2020 DG Renewal.

Goodaye all. Well I have just finished my Dangerous Goods License renewal course here in Dubbo. The educator Col, says we were lucky to be able to hold the course at the Cattleman’s Hotel, as there was nowhere else in Dubbo with the capacity for the number attending and being able to comply with current Covid requirements. He has had a very quiet time, as many who conduct such in person training to complete courses, due to the restrictions being in place.

He commented that it may be in the future that to be able to complete such courses, you may well have to go to a capital city, as with all the current problems, those doing such courses are not able to keep up with a growing backlog, but the ability to conduct such courses needing in person training and the lack of sites that can be used, are simply another problem.

In the USA, there have been extensions granted for those in such a position, needing license renewals etc, but I have not seen much of it here. It is simply up to us to get it sorted. Have you had any such issues?

The complexity with carrying Dangerous Goods and above that again with Bulk DG, far more so with normal general transport as opposed to bulk fuel haulage for example, along with the myriad of potential fines if you do not get it right, then with increased education of many Highway Patrol officers, mean you must be more and more vigilant and on top of the requirements to comply.

The training does not just apply to the driver, those who consign, load and deliver, as well as those who control each of the staff involved in all of those tasks mentioned, can be held liable and fined in the law if not complied with fully. Those not carrying the goods may well not need a DG License, but without any training, if the load is involved in a crash and or the load is simply inspected and does not comply, they too can and will be prosecuted.

In a terribly funny way, our Chain of Responsibility Legislation is designed to do just what the DG laws do well in a way, to extend the responsibility up the chain so it is not just the driver who is held responsible. The downside, again in a strange way, means not only does the driver have to be even more knowledgeable and accurate with his compliance and information and will still get fined if he screws up, but it is far more likely that those above who were also complicit, will be fined as well.

You will be sick of me complaining about delays at Albury and these do pale against others elsewhere, but it is so simple to me how to fix the problem, but nothing has changed. I did email deputy PM Michael McCormack, as he is local to the Wagga Wagga district and hoped he might be able to help, but no reply as yet. We will simply keep trying. Till next week, Safe Travelling to all. Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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