14th June 2020

Goodaye all. A short week and a visit to hospital Wednesday afternoon to check something, which has led to a week-end home so I can go for an ultrasound Monday morning and then a Trucksafe medical after and hopefully then to work. In April loading at a place in Melbourne where you had to stand in your cage at the back of the trailers, I said I will be using ropes, along with my load restraint curtains if you are happy with that? Up to you mate, thanks.

Now having seen the damage caused by some cowboys that swing your straps into the roof and the freight when there is not much room over the freight, I know what needs additional restraint and am happy to use it, but if I can see and watch the loading and make sure they don’t do stupid stuff and the freight is acceptable and will stand up, then I am confident my gates, ropes and curtains will do the job and legally.

When the front sections were done and we were about to move the curtains, the bloke said, I can’t throw a rope, you’ll have to do it. Which is normally fine, as mostly you can throw over the pallet in front as you go when the freight is tall and there is not much room left above it. Once the section is full, it is a damn sight harder and not being allowed out during the loading, meant I had a hard time and with perhaps a bit too much effort, swung hard on the fourth attempt to try and force it throughand thought, bugger that hurt. So I changed to my left hand and eventually got loaded, had a sore right shoulder, but then hooked up the trailers and headed off. It was bit sore the following day, but nothing serious, I thought.

Three weeks ago sitting at the BP at Clermont having tea, I looked at my right arm and thought, MMM my morning push ups are working well, what a muscle, but then looked at the other side and thought, that’s not even. More MMMMM and the muscle bit seemed to move about. Didn’t get home for another week and showed my son who has been into body building a bit and he said, looks like you might have torn a tendon.

End result, though I have not had any real pain and the shoulder works fine, I went to the hospital for a qualified answer and whilst still not sure, now have to get the ultrasound Monday. We will see what happens. Worked local Thursday/ Friday, got a service done and started a bit of sanding for some paint touch up Monday and arranged my Trucksafe Medical too.

Some of you may be aware, Big Rigs magazine will be folding as part of the closure of many regional papers, they were in the Queensland times offices in Ipswich and are a relation and were told, you will be closing. Sorry to see another industry paper go, Trucking Life the other most recent loss. James the editor has been a good supporter and rang me Friday afternoon for an interview for the last edition. Big Rigs was fortnightly and was available in some of the servos where Owner Driver was not. It seemed to have a regular group of readers and the last few editors had made some changes that took it from just a social sheet to containing some good info.

NTI have just released their report into truck crashes. It had gone to two yearly, but has been released early this year. It of course only covers the vehicles NTI insure, not the whole of the industry and I do believe you can’t change what you don’t understand. Yes, when there is a crash, there is a cause and often though, more than one. But on the side of the road in the middle of carnage and suffering, the bump down the road or the irregularity in the road surface just up the road are not the most important factors at the time, yet could have been contributing factors and will often be missed or completely ignored. For that reason, I do support proper crash investigations to get all the facts, not just the obvious ones and then maybe we can do more to prevent them. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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