10th May 2020 Happy Mothers Day.

Goodaye all. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO THOSE SPECIAL WOMEN WHO LOOK AFTER US FROM BIRTH TO DEATH. Some do all the way, some for many years and sadly, some for but a few, but without them carrying us into this life, we would not be here.

Very short this week, late start, four legs, home yesterday and off this afternoon following my 24 hour required break. I am missing chatting with my mate Chris Harmer on the road, I hope many of you saw his story, “Mr Positive” filmed by Whiteline Television and if not, have a look at I have known Chris for a long time and he used to ring me when on the road, so we often spoke two or three times a week. Sometimes a quick catch up, other times for hours. He is fighting on with his health battle and I wish him and his family all the help and prayers to achieve a win, but I miss hearing from him.

I got a message from a driver who said he saw me on ABC TV in the Philippines yesterday and I am told the pieces filmed about life on the road during the virus will be on ABC Landline at 12.30 today.

There have been many comments that our moment in the sun for the recognition of the job will do, will be instantly forgotten when all this ends and people will again simply expect everything to be available when they want it. I have tried for many years to show a positive side to our industry and yet of course, when things like the crashes in Melbourne and others happen, we go backwards.

Then of course there are those amongst us, who it seems don’t think about what they do and how they are seen by their actions on the road and elsewhere, for example in social media. All the good work of the few is too often overwhelmed and or overshadowed, by the thoughtless and or occasionally stupid actions, of the other few.

Such is life, get over it, grow up etc, you may say. All common suggestions, but we can try and improve things, we can sit back and watch and let others try, or we can make an effort. If the Mothers of this world can do such marvellous things as give birth to us all, then surely they deserve to have us make an effort to make things better as much as we can. The next time you want to do what you know to be the wrong thing, think about another saying, “Would your Mother be proud of what you are doing?” and if that doesn’t make you think, then I don’t know what will. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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