29th February 2020 Happy Leap Year.

Goodaye all, I will have to speak with Hermione and get hold of her time spinner so I can either catch up, or have more time. We finished filming Monday, home Tuesday, back to work Wednesday after staying up for Nightshift. Home Saturday morning, try to sort and catch up with some things, not enough hours in Sunday, load and back on the road.

Chasing a few truck issues, still working on them, was asked to speak at a Churchill Information evening Wednesday evening, back in to load Thursday and just home today. A special week-end with all my children home for a visit. This will be short as tea is coming. Tomorrow a special day, but back on the road in the afternoon.

Very sad to hear of the driver attacked at Boggabilla, what is the world coming to? So many affects and impacts affecting us all, so many big things, but we can’t simply fix it all or give up on the little things as well.

Our local mayor was at the Churchill evening and I spoke with him about a toilet block for drivers in Dubbo and he said to chase him up, so that is the next on the list. Family first, so I will catch up next week, but hope to have a submission in for some road safety projects, need that spinner again. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


15th February 2020 @ Glendambo

Goodaye all, just arrived in Glendambo, South Australia, home of 225,000 sheep 2,000,000 plus flies and 30 people (now 35) according to the sticker you can buy in the Caltex servo. We will be on the road early tomorrow morning to catch up with a triple roadtrain on the way to Darwin to do more of our next road safety video, Caravans and Roadtrains.

This was the only week-end available to all and required a Saturday shoot, to not delay the truck anymore than necessary or than they could afford, to still have the express into Darwin Monday.

But it means I will miss the National Road Freighters Assoc (NRFA) Conference and AGM held in Dubbo this Saturday. I did some of the set-up work getting quotes for venues, arranging speakers, doing some media etc and have spoken with a number of local businesses seeking some items for the auction and thanks to both Inland Truck Centre the local Kenworth dealer and Trackserv the local Isuzu truck dealer, for contributing.

I have been involved and on the board of NRFA for many years now and whilst I would like to do more, there is simply not much time left spare with my other efforts. But they have helped support me with a logo on the TIV trailer curtains, certainly given me a voice with other like minded drivers and I hope I have, as one of the few company drivers amongst mostly passionate owner drivers, provided another view and or perspective to some of the issues.
The NHVR will have people attending and pollies have been invited and with members discussing and looking for answers to some of the industry’s problems, I had hoped to contribute with it being in my home town. But we can only do what we can.

We stopped on the way out north from Adelaide at a couple of rest areas (plenty of informal sites could do with green reflectors to help drivers find safe spots in the dark) and it was interesting that a number of large and open sites, one of nearly half an acre with open entry/exit and parking for 40 trucks, were marked no trucks. I will be following this up on my return next week. I doubt it would ever be policed, it is not as if they were all chock a block full, but if you don’t run the road regularly and are tired looking for somewhere to stop and follow the signs, it could be a long way between truck stops.

With the usual help from all at Rod Pilon Transport, Katie in Melbourne, John in Dubbo and Nick in Brisbane, I managed to get four legs in, deliver a load they wanted done and rush home in time for a shower and to pack and then catch the plane to Adelaide yesterday. I do thank them individually when they help me achieve one of my efforts to get something done on top of my usual work and I have thanked Rod Pilon Transport (RPT) which of course starts with Rod himself, his son Ben and all the others who do give me enormous scope and time and understanding, to do these extra activities.

I have said there are few companies that would let a driver design the trailer curtains, about to be for the third time when I get the next set done (and RPT are now getting my old original TIV curtains on another set of trailers) let alone give me the flexibility they do, to try and achieve other efforts. Yes much of it is in my time above work, but some is done within, where and when it does not adversely affect RPT. Thank you to each and every one of you at RPT who have helped me in any way to do that bit more.

Back at Glendambo, a good days filming drone footage of a triple overtaking another triple and the noticeable difference in attitude of many drivers on far more populated highways. No drama, no snarkiness, just help one another to get the job done. Thanks to ABC Transport, their driver Kelvin, our intrepid caravanners, Keith and Rachael, friends of Stephen and Sarah from Whiteline TV, our drone pilot, Jess the producer and I did my bit, only fluffing a few lines. Off to bed now, more filming in the morning, then back to Adelaide, more filming Monday then back to work maybe Wednesday. Safe Travelling to all, Rod Hannifey.