27th October 2019 Spreading the word.

Goodaye all. Thank you to the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia for their invite to their national rally at Elmore last Sunday. From the time I pulled up, there were people reading the banners I use at shows, asking questions and inspecting the TIV.

The first “workshop” held at the truck, had quite a number attend with an informal session on why I was there and general questions about trucks and the TIV. A number made the effort to climb in and inspect the interior with many commenting on the array of extras in the cab. At the end I had to beg off to get to the next more formal seminar, held inside with a Powerpoint presentation using photos and videos, including our sharing rest areas video. That went for an hour and a half with again, a need to call a halt to more questions to end the session.

At the end it was standing room only and many outside looking in. The organisers said after they were unsure how many would attend, but were very happy with the numbers who did. All I can say to those who suggest many people will not listen to our side of things, is that we must give them the chance. Abusing them over the UHF will do more harm than good and those who come to listen, I believe are far more likely to take something away of value, that will help them not only be safer on the road, but that will give them some better, if only minor understanding of some of our issues.

Stephen McCarthy from Whiteline Television and his lovely wife Sarah made a weekend away of it and then attended Sunday, filming our next TRUCK That Australia episode at the rally. Any of you who haven’t seen the previous episodes can do so at where this latest episode, along with all our top tips and rest area videos can be seen. If you like them, please share them and you will help us make the roads safer for all. The Top Tips videos have been rereleased here and on Whiteline TV and have had some get excellent exposure. All we want now is for the road authorities to use them for young driver education. Do you think they fit the bill?

There was a fellow on site selling stickers and I had a lady come and tell me they had been selling them with Channel 18 etc 75mm tall, so I set off in search to discuss this. On arrival, he said many had come along since my seminar asking for 200mm tall, so they had taken my comments and examples on board and I further explained why it was important. I left with a mutual agreement of the suggested size.

Along with my spot on Triple M at 1AM Wednesday, where we discussed engine acronyms and management systems, I was then contacted by ABC radio re “Gator treads”, a USA term for retreads coming off on the road. I spoke on the rise in CTI systems for trucks and trailers and the systems on the TIV to check tyre pressures and temperatures, but that with the sensor inside the tyre, it can be hard to get them replaced, though as the systems and parts improve, it will further extend tyre life and reduce failures. It all depends of course on whether you buy premium tyres and or retreads or the cheapest and how well you maintain them and both check them and pressures regularly.

I then did a spot on 4 RO in Rockhampton Thursday afternoon when travelling through in response to a call for “What are you doing now” and was given a fair go talking about the videos of the top tips, hoping to help educate young drivers and some of our issues on the road. So got to some motorists, some motorhomers and now to get back to HVNL Review paper number 7 due on the 30th and then the senate inquiry, now extended to the 8th November. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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