13th October 2019 Hello again.

Goodaye all. Two Mondays ago, I had a plan to sleep in, do my blog etc, then ring work for a loading time as the other truck was loading at 9AM, normally the first slot for outsiders, so I was to be sometime after that. At 7.05 AM, I got a call, “You have to load at 8AM”. “When did you find this out?” was my reply. “Just now, they sent the details after we left Friday, sorry.”

It was a scramble, but I made it. The week just rolled on from there with little room for blogging or much else. Coming into Brisbane last Thursday (having confirmed when leaving Toowoomba I would be loading in Brisbane, topping up in Warwick, then drops at Moree and home) I got another call. “When will you be in Sydney?” “I am not going to Sydney.” “Yes you are now and I need to know when you can load?” “I will work it out and get back to you.” When loading in Brissie, I asked can I unload Monday? Reply, buckleys. Thanks.

Suffice to say, the next two days were a lot of fun, not. Got into Sydney, M7 entry closed, so having had just enough time to get to one place, had to settle for the other. How do you plan for such things when you don’t live there? Not the best spot for good sleep either, but what do you do? Two drops, out early for Newcastle I thought, rang to say will be on time to load, but with most of the population of Sydney leaving too, so well over an hour to get from the depot onto Pennant Hills Road alone.

Rang again on the way, sorry delays, will be 10 to 15 minutes late, not good, will call them, damn. In to load, they all want to go home, funny that eh? Loaded, weights and freight not as I asked, but they were keen to get away, further discussions about now doing a drop on the way, maybe, check with work, yes if OK with me. Finished loading and went to loo, came out, everyone gone and gate locked. Stood in the middle of the yard yelling “Hello”, no answer. Luckily gate was only dummy locked when I went to check.

On the road and off to Narrabri for a shower and bed late that night. With holiday Monday and time available, attended the Narrabri Truckshow on Saturday. The first there for a number of years and supported by the town and many local businesses, well done to all, 63 trucks in attendance and a good first show and will only grow and expand. Due to restrictions of space and access, only trucks, no trailers allowed, so could not display the TIV with trailers. Did some touch up painting, enjoyed some good discussions, a couple of “thank yous” for my efforts, photos and then on the road with one stop along the way to clean some guide posts (where there were still some old blue reflectors) arriving in Roma after midnight.

Sunday morning, offered a couple of Green Reflector Bay posters to the servo there, grabbed a coffee and off. Did a drop to a mine on Sunday evening (the extra one asked about Friday), what a bit of road, 20 kph too fast for the corrugations for about 4 kilometres, and that after going to the other one, similar name but different and the instructions had left out a turn. Then being told on arrival, that’s not us, it is down the road a bit, no you can’t turn round inside, you will have to do it out there. Not easy, not impressed, not very helpful, “Thanks for that”! Pulled up late that night for bed.

Did more painting Monday, cleaned inside truck, caught up on reading, did shopping, then unload Tuesday. I do not have an internet connection in the truck, simply another bill I don’t need and can’t justify for the odd time needed. Normally do all the extras at home or in depots, but not these last two weeks. Home finally today after getting sopping wet in Brisbane loading Friday, just made it into Tamworth, unloaded and on my break now and off tomorrow to load for Melbourne.

Next week won’t be home for long, I have been invited to do a talk and have a truck display at the CMCA National Rally on Sunday. If all goes to plan, let’s hope, I may be able to let you know how it went next week.
Any of you vaguely interested in trucks and road safety might consider putting in a submission to the current Senate inquiry. Glen Sterle from WA got it up and whilst we still have the NTC led HVNL review underway, every chance to contribute can only help. Wil it change things? Let’s hope. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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