22nd September 2019

Goodaye all. Short and sweet this week. A big week on the road, reports to TMR and Vicroads, separate comments back from Vicroads about marking some sites on the Hume with green reflectors, a report written on the Toowoomba Second range crossing to go to the QTA for comments first, then others.

Need to do a new list for RMS for the Newell and an even longer list for TMR for the Gore Highway. Some green reflectors replaced here and there with one young lady policeman asking me was I OK walking along the highway with a torch. I explained the reason and she was happy to learn and then pass on the intent.

Working on HVNL review document 6, only three to complete, but then need to do one for the senate inquiry.

Looking for sponsors, minor and major for the next TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle, all welcome. Plan to have on the road next year. I want to thank all who have helped so far and have done testimonials for some and happy to do for those who participate.

Trailers due for rego soon, so machinery inspections this week. Now 11 years old, 9 wheels still on original brake linings at 2.2 million kilometres. No major failures, obviously usual wear and tear, but I have had people comment the trailers still look good for their age and the curtains still deliver a positive message.

Vawdrey trailers, Attards curtains, these ones 8 years old now, BPW suspensions, NARVA lights, ANCRA winches, Groeneveld Auto Greasers, Alcoa wheels, Jost turntables, Checkweigh scales, 3M conspicuity tapes and originally Michelin tyres, all contributed in one way or another and outstanding service and reliability from each and everyone. Thanks to each of you for your part in helping get this on the road. There are other sponsors for the truck and will cover them next week.

The best addition to these curtains over the first set, was the Australian Heavy Vehicle Combinations panel, showing types of trucks on our roads. At the time this set of curtains was designed by myself, the Australian Roadtrain Association (which later merged with NATROAD) had set up the combinations list with just roadtrain types and I asked permission to extend that list. Kenworth trucks, as featured on all the prime movers, spent a lot of time getting it right and I thank them for that. So many have taken photos of the panel, commented on it and or wanted copies over the years, I am so glad I went to the trouble to get it set up right.

Some have asked about other combinations, eg PBS and A doubles etc, but there is such a long list, I had to keep it simple, yet cover the most common configurations on the roads. You can copy the panel from my website
Till next time, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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