20th May 2019 Brissie Truckshow.

Goodaye all. Had a connection problem and now in Brissie on Monday, so back to the story. Sunday evening and I have just got back to Toowoomba from the Brissie Truckshow. I had planned to go if it was possible, then was given a new plan B, maybe still a chance, plan C, more doubtful and then plan D, buckleys chance, heading to Melbourne Thursday with 4 pick ups and four drops. However thanks to Nick, a driver keen to do some more and his mate Nathan, who lives in Toowoomba and was keen to go back for another look at the show, I managed to stay and have tea for my eldest grandsons’ tea in Dubbo Saturday, get through to Toowoomba (where I will unload in the morning), early on Sunday and get a couple of hours sleep before heading into the Truckshow.

I visited many of the sponsors of the current TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle and who will all support the next one, so all I need now is a truck and set of trailers to fit all the ancillary equipment on and we are under way. I will find a way to make it happen.

I did not see a true “show” truck, as in years past with the RM Williams truck and others. There were some beautiful trucks and trailers, but no show stopper. The new b-double Mack Superliner looks tall and may well be a new contender for serious b-doubles and the Anthem recently released in the USA is a step forward for Mack. I must recommend the “Roadlife” series of videos they did in the states as part of the release of the biggest change in Mack trucks, since being taken on by Volvo and the XXL big cab Volvo is a long awaited improvement to an already good truck.

The new Cascadia is still to be released here and will see the end of the Argosy and the Actros is going well, with sales and getting into many fleets.
Kenworth, all in red had a Euro 6 K 200and the 610 is a good looking bit of gear and the 909 bigger cab in the future, may see an improvement in the in cab living conditions of those who love a big bonnet.

All those I spoke with told of big crowds and interest over the first three days of the show and today was a bit quieter, but many were still happy with those visiting. I got round most stands, watched a part of the apprentice challenge, but did not get to see the trucks on display outside the venue. Worth the effort to get there, a terrific event for the industry and thanks to RPT, to Nick and Nathan for your help to attend.

I have made a big effort to respond to the first of the papers for the HVNL review, but have also spoken to the NTC about the length of the first document. Seventy pages to read with 12 questions to answer, is a lot even for those with time and being paid to reply and this is the first of 8 such documents. For those of us who are time poor, can we justify the effort? Please do not be discouraged by the length, nor let it make you shy away. Our current law is far too long and over prescriptive and if we do not put in the effort to offer suggestions and comments, then we will not see any serious change.

Yes our associations have the staff and time to reply, but they do not drive the trucks, cop the fines, get treated the way we do, nor live on the road. We can rely on them to look at the big picture, but can we rely on them to put forward the issues and solutions that will make our job fairer and safer? You can certainly put comments on the microsite, which takes short grabs, but will that alone get the changes we need, recognised and actioned?

Submissions close for this document at the end of the month and I will ask you to seriously consider putting in the time and effort to reply and to keep watching the NTC website for the other documents. Even if you consider this one too much, there may be others that are shorter and which impact on you more and which your contributions, even if short and sweet, can see the HVNL is improved for all. You can make a difference, but if you don’t, who will? Please make that effort. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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