12th May/19 Road Safety Awareness week.

Goodaye all. Well what did you do for road safety awareness week? Did you have a yellow ribbon on your vehicle? Did you organise or take part in an activity? I did some radio interviews, pieces in the local papers and both local television stations did stories covering the Truckies Top Tips videos and promoting the website. Is that good or is it not enough to save a life?

My youngest son was involved in a crash Friday night, he and the others involved are OK but the cars are not, except for the person at fault who seems to have got off with little damage. My daughter had a car touch hers on the roundabout, no damage, just backed up and drove off. From both their accounts, they were not at fault. We all see the videos from dash cams and we think, what idiot would do that, but every day we and they, do do that!

How do we stop this? When young we all think we are ten foot tall and bulletproof. Perhaps some have a minor scare when they are young, survive it and go on being wary. Some may simply not get another chance. In many of the interviews I have done, I have said that I believe truckies do not get recognition for the crashes we prevent by the way we drive.

We get blamed for most we are involved in, at least initially and we are obviously at fault in some, but we drive for others because we know they do not understand trucks. I know of drivers who have died to save the life of a motorist who has made one of those stupid mistakes. Should anyone be put in that position? There are programs that visit schools and show the horror behind such events and the kids say it is powerful and makes them think. But does it last long enough or do they forget until they later make that mistake and then it may be too late.

They may die, their family will be affected, but what about the truckie who simply went to work to feed his family. Should he and his family be possibly destroyed by the untrained or unthought through actions of another driver. Should they have to make a decision in a split second, as to whether they kill someone who made that mistake, or risk their own life to save that person?

I do not have the answers. I hope the videos will help. When I started being involved over 20 years ago, I said at the time, the worst thing that can happen is that I waste my time and effort and nothing changes. If I save one life, then everything after that is a bonus. What have you done to help?

I will detail last Friday in a couple of weeks. It involves court. But from that I am currently going through the first of 8 documents from the National Transport Commission website regarding the Heavy Vehicle National Law review. Sixty plus pages and 12 questions to answer may well mean not enough reply. I think it is important, otherwise I have many other things I could be doing. Some of my family appreciate my efforts and I have discussed with them all, that you must do more than just live your life. But with my job and my second unpaid one, there is often little time, let alone quality time, to be with them. I am not alone, there are others who do terrific work in their jobs, in their hobbies and in their spare time.

I just wish I could win the Lotto and do more and have some family time as well, but we can only try and only you know what you can and can’t do. I hope to find a major sponsor to set up the next TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle and maybe then I can do both. Maybe one of you would be interested or know of someone who can help? I can only ask.

I have just found this reported on social media, check out ABC News, “Forty hours on the road with an outback truckie”
ABC PILBARA KAREN MICHELMORE . Heather is on her way to the Brisbane Truckshow and took a journalist for a little ride. Well done Heather and I hope to see you at the Truckshow if all goes to plan. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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