24th March 2019 Churchill Fellowships and drought.

Goodaye all. Applications are currently open for Churchill Fellowships till the 30th April 2019 for travel in 2020. It had been suggested to me by a couple of people over the last few years that I should consider applying. One friend had also done a study tour some years before, but I had invested a lot of time and many had contributed to the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle and I believed I had to give them my all as well, so kept it in the back of my mind for some years.

The Churchill Trust is a well-run and planned organisation, that does look after those who become involved and does not just let you do a trip and that’s it. There is a rigorous and detailed application process with over 1,000 applicants each year and the range of topics and studies is enormous. There are some sponsored fellowships for specific or particular fields, but there are also general ones for everything else.

If you have a passion and believe you could improve the lives of others by learning how and what is done overseas in your field, give it a go. That is what it is all about, learning and then, helping others. You can look at their promo video at and I wish you every success.
You can read previous reports, (you are required to do one on your return) at the Churchill website, including my own of just over 60 pages with photos or you can visit to see some of my videos and details on my Churchill Study Tour on “Trucks and Road Safety” in TRUCK That Australia over the last few episodes.

Maybe you could go and learn a raindance and save us all. The drought continues to worsen in places and we have floods in others. Where will it end and I don’t think it will be long, before it starts to bite into many who think they are immune in the cities. I hope it will come good before that for the sake of all Australians, but I also recognise many simply do not understand the breadth and scope and the impact it will have if it continues.

We can continue to export our mineral wealth, but we all need food, both here and overseas and we supply a lot of it. None of it will grow without rain, no cattle, no sheep and no crops and you can’t eat dirt. I don’t know how to fix it, but it bears raising and let us hope it improves soon and quickly without the floods that often follow and then do more harm as well.
Off now to the library for some more audiobooks to keep me entertained on the road and my mind off the worries of the world. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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