18th November 2018. TIV initiative reaches Ten Years on the road.

Goodaye all. This is my “press release” for the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV) initiative reaching ten years and I have sent it to all who have supported the TIV thus far and to industry press. My November Owner Driver column (out this week) is to the same theme. (Sorry the photos in the press release do not transfer, more to learn yet.)

TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle Initiative Reaches Ten Years.
Not being able to convince a major transport company of the value of this idea, I left after 29 years. I approached Rod Pilon for a job and with this plan for a working truck to promote road safety and the road transport industry. Rod said if I work out ok, in 12 months he’d buy me a new truck and trailers.
Ken Wilkie, knowing of my dream, offered me his K104 for two years and I then asked Rod Pilon if I could buy the trailers I was towing. Rod said he would buy me a new set and I made up a list which Rod approved and at the ATA convention in Canberra in 2008, Rod bought the second offered auction trailer and said he wanted a b-double set and that was agreed to. I went to congratulate Rod and he got up and shook my hand and said, “There are your trailers”.

New TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle Trailers being picked up at Vawdrey in Melbourne on Ken Wilkie’s K104 in 2008.

Rod had said I could have the sides of the back trailer, but then agreed to look at my curtain design and on a laptop, it looked “busy”. Rod’s “mmm” when I showed him was not what I’d hoped for, but when I arrived in the yard in Dubbo with the first load, Rod said, “You did well, it does look good”.
Two years on, Thanking Ken Wilkie for a gesture unlikely ever to be equalled, I gave his truck back and then spent a year back in RPT Truck 7. Rod Pilon then offered to buy me a new K200 and to continue with his support. I had many sponsors who contributed to the new truck and or the trailers and I thank them all for their participation and support. With a new truck, I had to do new curtains and with Rod’s permission, I designed and ordered a set which I funded through photos/ donations.

Last Trip First TIV 2010, Thanks Ken. RPT Truck 7 and TIV trailers. New K200 at Kenworth Plant 2011

TIV trailers one million kilometres 2013. Reach two million end of 2018. Only one trailer brake lining just replaced.

The current TIV prime mover will reach 1.4 million kilometres in August and the trailers will be 10 years old in October this year and I am working on the next TIV.

Without the support of Rod Pilon and all at Rod Pilon Transport, the TIV would not exist, nor be able to attempt to offer a picture of road transport to the public not seen anywhere else. The NRMA video, “NRMA hitches a 10 hour ride with a truckie” was seen by well over a million people and the 99% positive comments alone, justify the TIV. When I started, I decided the worst thing that could happen would be that I would waste my time, effort and money and if nothing changed, so be it. But if I saved just one life by getting a bit of road fixed, or a rest area built or improved, or educated one motorist, then it would be well worth the effort and I am proud of what the TIV has achieved.

TIV as AB Triple on way to Mt Isa. TIV at night.

TIV Conspicuity Markings.

TIV at ACRS 2016 Awarded Highly Commended. TIV at Henty Field Days. TIV at “Stone the Crows” Festival Wagga Wagga.

I wish to THANK Ken Wilkie, Rod Pilon and all at Rod Pilon Transport and all the sponsors who have contributed and or supported the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle over its’ ten year journey. Without you all, it would not exist. I commit to doing it again in the next TIV for the next five years and would welcome any and all support that will allow me to achieve even more. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

For a list of events/riders in the TIV visit and follow
As you might imagine and knowing how I don’t want to be seen to be blowing my own trumpet, (though if I don’t who will?) I could write a book on the ten years and do aim to one day. But few may be interested in that much depth of information, particularly being to many, just another truckies life.
The TIV is still probably not really widely known outside the road transport industry, though not for the want of trying and any of you who have access to a different market or group, I would welcome your support if you wish to redistribute it further. It is only one small attempt to change and improve how we are seen and to show a different side to that which all too often, is the only way the press show us, after something happens on the road leading to the death of a motorist.

We are not all perfect and I have never made that claim, but I still hope and believe those who do the job because they love it, still do it with some passion and recognition of the part we have to play to be seen that way. Those idiots who just do the job and don’t care how we are seen or treated, can go and do another job if they wish.

I am not, cannot and do not claim to be a representative for others, good or bad, but do try to do more than “just” be a driver and I applaud all others who make any effort to do the right thing and to improve our lot, on the road and elsewhere. Thanks to those who do make that effort, whether a driver, a journo or other industry role bearer. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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