2nd June 2018 Join the club!

Goodaye all. There are so many issues to address, it can sometimes be daunting, but if you or I don’t do anything, will it change or improve? The aims of the TRUCK That Australia Drivers Club is to get a sufficient number of drivers involved so that we can say we in some small way, represent those who live and work on the roads of Australia. If we can get at least ten or twenty blokes that run most of the major highways, I do believe we can get more done, than I can alone.

I see a driver made a comment in Owner Driver about coming back to driving fulltime and the changes and even further erosion of rest areas and roadhouses he has encountered. Others I have spoken to during the week ask, “Why would you do this job now?” And it is a very good question. Where boys from drivers families used to spend time with Dad in the truck and learn to love the job, most truckies tell their kids to get a “better” job, knowing the impact it has on a families life.

There is a push to get more women drivers, but we can’t get a toilet for men, let alone one for women in many places and what do they do at a site where they say, sorry you can’t use our toilets? Some roles and places do have such facilities and I mentioned when talking to Luke Bona on “Nightshift” the Vicroads rest areas on the Hume were the best I had seen for size and facilities. Another driver followed up though, saying they do not extend to other Victorian highways.

Luke’s co-host, Jess is getting ready to take her license test and said since being part of the show and listening and talking to many truckies, she has a better understanding of some of our issues, but had not been taught anything in her training for her license, about sharing the road with trucks. She is going to monitor it and let us know if that changes.

I am working on my Churchill Fellowship trip to leave at the end of July and any with road safety contacts in the UK, Canada or the USA, who might be interested in trucking in Australia and who might be interested in helping me to get the most from the trip and offer a contact, would be welcome. Off to work early this week to get part way to Emerald for Monday morning, so short and sweet for now. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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