25th March 2018

Goodaye all, it has been a big week following on from the Altona truckshow. I had to go back to the yard Sunday morning and add on a bit of freight, travel to Dubbo and had Monday morning free and again tried the bank, only to be told I was given incorrect info last visit and they want more than I could provide, so yet another delay as I had to get to work.

Off to Goondiwindi, unload in the morning, to Wellcamp and load bulk and packaged Dangerous Goods for Moura and Bundaberg, so a bit out of my normal route, but I used to go through there regularly back in tanker days. Got into Moura after midnight, but nowhere for a shower, good sleep and waiting for them to open the gate in the morning before heading off to Bundy. The weight limits on the bridges in Bundy meant a long way round on the ring road to the farm. Got held up with the truck in front of me when his battery pack was flat and he could not “slide” his front trailer forward to hook up.

I see the range coming across from Biloela has been vastly improved and the old dipper, north of Gin Gin is also realigned. Back into Brisbane late Wednesday night, reload for Moree and thanks to Fisher Park truckstop for cooking dinner when I rang ahead and they were about to stop cooking. A terrific feed of risssoles, gravy, salad and chips, bread and butter and coffee for $13 I think it was.

Unload Moree in the morning, back to Dubbo, reload and off again for Barnawartha, then into Melbourne and reload, back to Dubbo for my 32 hour break and about to head off to Moree again.

Not much time to get much done this week and not enough hours to do all I wanted to do this week end either. But will keep at it. Luckily found my missing Dubbo Library audio book which they were getting keen for me to buy if I could not find it and next week-end, looking forward to launching TRUCK That RV at the Stone the Crows Festival in Wagga Wagga. I will be doing presentations on Easter Friday and Saturday and then back to Dubbo. Young Stephen from WhitelineTV will be coming along to film part of the presentation both for TRUCK That and for TRUCK That RV. Till next week, Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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