13th March 2018. Look at the trucks!

Goodaye all. An interesting week, starting off with a breakdown, damn intercooler hose blew off again. Meant another 7 hour break on the side of the road, but hopefully sorted now. Never had the problem before and then 3 times in a fortnight. Seems the alignment of the turbo on the new crate motor was out and pushing the interconnecting tube and putting pressure on only one side of the hose and clamp.

Our local radio announcer from Dubbo has moved to Canberra and taken on a radio program there. He and I spoke of trucks semi-regularly over the years and he read of the ATA press release and asked me for comment. We covered that and discussed how we are seen. I finished asking his listeners to look at the trucks around them. Too often they see the one that does the wrong thing, they think it is too close or whatever, but they simply do not “see” all the others that are just doing their jobs and delivering the freight.

I was then invited to do a host spot on Big Rigs new podcast for this week and we spoke of EWDs, a driver getting pinged for a pee, women in trucking and the TRUCK That Australia Drivers Club. Thanks Kirsten for the invite and it is out now. Please let me know what you think. Then another radio interview with my mate from YassFM, the community station there and we again talked trucks. I spoke of the drivers club and why it has come about and again asked listeners to look at trucks. You will see this is my theme for this week and whilst more than usual, doing three radio interviews in a week, a good chance to put another view forward.

Lastly, still on the road on the way home Saturday morning, a radio interview with my mate Grant on the ABC in Wagga Wagga. We spoke of my upcoming attendance at the “Stone the Crows” festival in Wagga Wagga, where I have attended now for thee years and how the numbers who came to listen to me talk about trucks quite amazed them and I will do two presentations on sharing the road with trucks over Easter. More time away from family, but that is when the flock, gather. We are planning to launch “TRUCK That for RVers” and get some feedback. Of course, I asked for listeners to look at trucks.

Lastly the latest “TRUCK That” episode is up, a special edition seeking support for the next TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle. I have so many people to thank, from Ken Wilkie who helped by virtually giving me his truck for two years, a truly magnanimous gesture, one unmatched by any, to Rod Pilon and all at Rod Pilon Transport who have allowed me enormous scope and support with the current truck over the last ten years. The only way I can do more than I do now, is to have a truck and trailers supplied and so have the time to do more and still feed my family and pay my bills. If I win the Lotto I will buy a new TIV (or if you win the Lotto you can buy me one) and I am very proud of what the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle is and what it has achieved, but it and I are only one truck and one driver and we need more involved and more and better understanding of the job we do.

This to get better conditions on the road, better laws and not only recognition for the job we do, but some empathy from those who rely on all we deliver, for the life we lead. It is not all roses, being your own boss and king of the road. It never was and it is worse now than it has ever been, but sticking to the positive, I would welcome you listening to the podcast and watching the video. Your comments and support and sharing these in your own networks might just help me find the right person, to make it all happen. Thanks and Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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