4th March 2018. How do you see trucks?

Goodaye all. Got my submission into the Staysafe committee last Sunday night, but not allowed to reproduce it anywhere else according to the rules. When I looked before submitting, still only 7 submissions. So will we get heard and will we get a fair go? Let’s hope, but with only one driver submitting, will they understand how we feel and what our needs are? It is unlikely I am sure you will agree.

Still waiting for the club registration to come back and will then register an ABN and open an account. Three of our drivers have spoken to me and are keen to join and others as well, so sorry to carry it on for so long, but if we want to have a proper club and act legally to be heard, then we have to comply. Don’t give up on it, I have been involved for many years and little that is worthwhile is achieved overnight.

I have done interviews on “Nighshift” on MMM with Luke and he has offered support and I will send him the club aims and intents for his Facebook page to keep it going along, Thanks Luke and Jess. Once we have that in place, I will get it out there as and when I can.

To the members of the public, how do you see trucks now? Do you recognise what we contribute to your way of life in delivering your food, clothes products and fuel? Do you understand that those who say put it on rail, do not understand how rail works and that you need trucks to get the product on the train and then to deliver it from the train. How do you put 1,000 consignments on all at once and get them off all at once because everyone wants it delivered now!

Do you have a rail siding in your backyard, does the local supermarket? Of course not, so we need trucks to deliver the things we need to use and to live. Yes rail has its’ place for very long haul and bulk commodity freight, but road transport delivers over 75% of domestic freight, not only because we do it well, but we do it efficiently. Now that means we need the road to deliver it to you and we go to work to earn a living and to pay our bills. We DO NOT GO TO WORK to be involved in road trauma and all too often, it is not our fault, yet we will be blamed first and then after such an event, those who survive it will see it in their nightmares till the day they die. Do you think that is what we as truck drivers want? No.

So I would welcome your honest appraisal and comment.

  1. How do you see trucks?
  2. Do you really understand what it is like to live and work on the road?
  3. Do you recognise the need for trucks?
  4. What do you suggest we do to improve both road safety for all and how we as the trucking industry is seen?

I would welcome your serious suggestions. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.


By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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