25th February 2018. Clubbing along.

Goodaye all. Let’s start a truckdrivers club, that will be easy and we will get it going in no time. I wish. Thanks to all who have offered support and who have committed to join. As it is some time since I have looked at this (there was a time years ago when I considered this) simply opening a bank account for those joining to pay into was the first thing to do.

No you can’t do that, because you need a registered incorporated club, ABN, constitution and more and more. Still, if it was that easy, someone else would surely have done it before. Do not give up on us, or the idea. TRUCK That was started months ago and it will take more time each month to organise and film and then to edit and put up, unless of course we have thousands of members.

As per the aims and intents in last weeks blog, we will have it up soon. There are costs simply to register, many forms etc, but it is coming and we will need your participation. What will you get for your $50 joining fee? We will have a logo and you will get a club emblem, (format yet to be confirmed) and the aims, Home Safe, Road Safe, Mateship.

We will continue on with TRUCK That monthly and we will ask you to contribute to industry submissions, report bad roads and industry mud throwing. Speaking of submissions, how many of you are aware of the request for subs to the NSW Staysafe committee  due 25th February on technology in heavy vehicles and how effective the current strategy is?

Now that I mention it, I must be off to bed for filming our club introduction and welcome, next episode of TRUCK That and TRUCK That for RVers tomorrow and will then get into my submission to the Staysafe committee, along with a few emails about rest areas, work on the itinerary for the Churchill trip and the rest of it.

How about I add in Knights of the Road 2 and you can tell me what you think. Did you enjoy number 1, or should I not give up my dayjob.

KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD 2, the Royal Logbook.

Now the Royal Log Book came into being like everything else, because rather than pursue and punish the few baddies, who it seems were too hard too catch, it was thought that everyone could be punished and besides a bit of extra revenue raising wouldn’t go astray. That bloody Robbing Hood was making things tough stealing from the poor, poor rich people. It’s tough at the top, everybody wants what you have. Anyway some bad highwaymen had been driving all over the land, raping, pillaging and burning, sorry wrong story, driving all over the land going too far, too fast, too heavy too often, so the Royal Noblry said “Woo up, we can’t have this going on”.

Henceforth by Royal Decree, from now on all truckies will have to fill in the Royal Log Book and hasn’t it been a revenue winner. Do I hear you all saying it doesn’t help you manage your fatigue, an obvious but minor oversight by those in ivory castles and with uni degrees. Remember, this is only a fairy tale.

Now it’s all well and good to decree these things but driving the Royal desk around the Royal office is not quite the same as poor old Drivealot answering the needs of the Royal subjects in delivering all and sundry to all and sundry. An enormous task and very much a thankless one you would have to agree. So as in all stories, we are looking for a happy ending and we’ll be looking for a bloody while yet.

The new improved ? Royal Log Book is coming and I’m sure you’re all looking to its vast improvements ? to wipe out the need for you to have to write fairy tales like this. Good luck. If Drivealot’s dad, Toldhimalot, could see the industry now, that he knew and loved, or at least thought he did, he would not only rollover in his grave, he would come back as the Pilliga Princess (a quick sexchange to suit, is OK in fairy tales) or the ghost of Little Sydney Harbour and many were scared half to death there in the past and scare Drivealot sensible, a challenge if ever there was one. In our next episode (it will depend on you how long this goes on) we look at the Royal Highways. SAFE TRUCKING, ROYAL SUBJECTS.

Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

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