23/7/2017 A working week.

Goodaye all. Whilst many truckies do more kilometres than I do and some do less, it has been a busy week. So just to give you an example of a life on the road, this was it. Left home Sunday afternoon to be at Barnawartha by midnight for a timeslot Monday morning. Unloaded there and into Melbourne to load. Arranged to have a new screen fitted for the TRANSTECH EWD and got that done (Thank you to Richard and Jack for the fitting and TRANSTECH as sponsors of the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle) and made it back to Parkes by 2.30AM to bed.

Tuesday into Dubbo fuel, tea at Bellata roadhouse and off to Chinchilla arriving 11PM. Wednesday, unload there in the morning and then to Brisbane, round the block to get in and then screw the wheels off to get into the yard and load there for a few hours. To the yard and fuel and at 12.45 AM slept at parking bay in the Pilliga.

Thursday off at 8.15 AM to Dubbo to unload, the forky steady and on the phone a bit, then fuel, reload and off again to Brisbane pulling up at the Cunningham rest area just south of Warwick at 12.45 AM again.

Friday into Brisbane for a timeslot, got that one, split the trailers to get into the next drop to find they have moved the receiving spot and you don’t have to split trailers now, thanks a lot, hook up to find the next delivery point closes at 1.30PM on Friday. Back to the yard to get that off, reload to be told I have to wait for a late pickup, then told I will be too late to deliver so now I can go. Arrived Moree at 12.10 AM to unload Saturday to be told I was lucky to get unloaded as no one else wanted to work. Out of there after a cup of tea and a hit to the trailer roof from the forky, new back to forks damn, then to Dubbo to fuel and reload for Monday, have to be on the road by 3PM Sunday for a timeslot in Brisbane and a few minutes to wash the oil off the back of the truck before dark, from the workshop issue earlier in the week. I will get my 24 hours at home, whilst doing this and that, the blog, emails, Audiobooks for the road etc.

Maybe 6000 k for the week and close to my maximum 72 hours work and whilst I love what I do and the hobby part of it as well with my road safety efforts, there is not much time left. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.



By truckright

An Australian truckie aiming to improve both how the road transport industry is seen and understood by the public and to improve road safety for all.

2 replies on “23/7/2017 A working week.”

Wow Rod, I thought my rotating shift on fuel was complicated doing 14 hour days and nights!
How you juggle so many hats is commendable to say the least! Well done mate, an example of old school interstate at its most typical.


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